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What the New Facebook Products Mean For Business Pages


Even though there was no mention of Pages during the F8 conference held yesterday, Mark Zuckerberg did tell businesses to “rethink your industries.” Graph Rank, Ticker and Timeline are some of the new Facebook products announced yesterday, which will inevitably become available for Pages in the near future.

What does Timelines mean for your Business?

Timeline, perhaps the largest face-lift Facebook has ever seen, will describe “the entire story of a user’s life.” The timeline is a user’s new profile page, enabling users to scroll through all important moments in their friends’ lives, from the day they were born, to present day. Once Pages are infused with the Timeline, businesses will be able to tell their complete story, from the beginning, to highlights they have had, to what they are doing right now. Businesses will be able to emphasize social interactions, as well as showcase web assets meaningful to users.

Timelines could also unveil negative events throughout a businesses’ lifetime and Page Administrators should curate what content shows up in new-third party apps.

Verbs, Ticker, Graph Rank- Oh my!

One of the highlights from the F8 conference discussed how the “Like” button was limiting peoples’ interactions with their friends’ content. Users will now be able to see that their friends are “verbing” a “noun,” for example, “reading” a book, or “watching” a movie.

Again, what does this mean for businesses? This “lightweight activity” will be showing up in Facebook’s Ticker, another new product that continuously scrolls everything that your friends are doing. It is believed that the Ticker will be “friendlier to brands,” as users will be able to see whenever their friends have interaction with a brand, and what the brand itself is doing on Facebook. Users can hover over a story that catches their eye, and decide where to go from there. If users’ friends are commenting on a brand’s walls, this might drive users to check out that brand as well.

Graph Rank will determine which content will engage users based upon their behavior on Facebook. Therefore, businesses will benefit from increased engagement because of Graph Rank. We might be seeing businesses “adding” new “products” in our Ticker, creating interest and leading users to their Page. By using verbs, it will increase business’ visibility in the Ticker which will potentially enable certain businesses whose posts never reach 80% of their fans, to reach almost everyone.  With all these changes, it is important to note that Pages should still be paying for Facebook Ads as they are the best way to reach many people.

With Facebook constantly growing and helping people to better connect with and “express who they really are,” it would be impractical to assume that businesses would not be capitalizing and connecting even better with users as well. After the F8 conference, Mark Zuckerberg made it clear that social media is here to stay, and that the world is becoming even smaller and better connected.

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