Campaign Content Creation


Archer came to Overdrive looking to create assets to support their new report and landing page that would launch within the year. As this report was meant to be a big driver for their sales team, Overdrive was tasked with creating social media assets that would help their team sell the asset and conversation to prospects.

  • Asset Creation
  • Blog Writing
  • Script Writing
  • Animated Video Production
  • Social Media Design

Infographic Design

A series of infographics were designed and developed to highlight salient and impactful statistics that were tied to the themes broken down in the report.

View Infographics

Blog Content Creation

Blogs were written to dissect and dive deep into the different subject matters introduced in the report. These blogs were infused with keywords and links to help drive organic rankings and create more doors for prospects to get to the asset.

B2B Animated Explainer Video Production

Three videos were then scripted and produced that expanded upon the themes of the report, pushing prospects to visit the landing page at the end of the video.

Landing Page Content Support

While the content was used to promote the landing page by the sales team in their social media efforts, the infographics and videos were also prominently featured on the report’s landing page as well, helping to enrich the experience.

Social Media Posts

Finally, social designs were created and provided to the sales team to promote the blogs, infographics, and report on their own LinkedIn feeds.

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