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Workshop: How to Use Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook


Given how common it is today for businesses and brands to use social media, more people than ever not only want, but need to know the ins and outs of Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and the like.

It’s true. No longer is it optional to have knowledge and skills in this area. It’s mandatory.

As someone who’s been immersed in social media from the get-go, I can’t tell you how happy I am to see these new digital communication channels and tools being used so much by both individuals and professional organizations today.

After all, we’re talking about a revolutionary, new way of interacting with others online, a method of messaging and marketing that is nothing short of transformational.

The benefits of using social media are innumerable, including the following…

•       Learning More about the Industry in Which You Work
•       Establishing Yourself as a Thought Leader
•       Sharing Knowledge with Friends, Followers and Fans
•       Building a Network of Loyal Support
•       Keeping Up with New Technologies and Tools
•       Extending Your Reach to a New Audience of Constituents
•       Developing a Better and Bigger Brand
•       Attracting New Business Leads and Sales
•       Getting Found More Frequently Online
•       Managing Your Business and Personal Reputation
•       Tracking Your Influence on the Web
•       Cozying Up to Celebrities

All that is what I’ll be talking about – and much more – in a workshop I’ll be leading on Friday, June 21, for the Printing Industries of New England in Southborough, MA. I’ll be helping those in attendance get up and running on their own social media accounts. Here’s the description of my workshop…

How to Use Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook

Today, most business people use social media in some way, shape or form to connect with their colleagues, customers and prospects. But many are still learning the basic principles, strategies and tactics on their own through frustrating, time-consuming trial and error. That’s why we’re offering this interactive, hands-on workshop. Over the course of a few hours, Bob Cargill will walk you through the steps you need to take to not only get started on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook, but to use these three social media sites like a pro. So whether you’re a beginner or intermediate social media practitioner, bring your laptop and be prepared to spruce up your own – or your company’s – online presence. You’ll learn how to:

On Twitter – Find and follow others, tweet and retweet, create lists, attach links, upload pictures and more.
On LinkedIn – Make connections, give and get recommendations and endorsements, share updates, join groups and more.
On Facebook – Find and tag friends, share pictures and videos, manage your account settings, like pages and more.

What about you? How much are you using social media in your professional life? Is your business using social media to engage with its customers and prospects? What questions do you have about Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook?

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December 9, 2019

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