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Workshop Description

Do all your team members and content developers know how to apply SEO best practices to the work they do? Does your team know the critical terms they need to target in the content they develop and how to utilize them across your site and earned media? This training is to help the enterprise weave SEO best practices into the content development their teams manage every day. It puts the “whole village” in the SEO driver’s seat and empowers team members by helping the content they produce get noticed.

In this session your teams will learn the SEO best practices they need to be a successful content developers and marketers in this age of search and instant information. This workshop will be extremely valuable to copywriters, web developers, PR professionals, social media marketers, community and support staff, general marketers and anyone interested in making sure their content ranks well in Google, Yahoo!, Bing and other search engines around the world.

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Attendees will learn:

  • The basic tenants and process of SEO (search engine optimization) and some helpful tools.
  • How the intersection of search and social creates your brand’s presence and authority in Google.
  • How to select the right target keywords and search phrases to use in your content.
  • How to utilize target keywords in your web page’s headers, copy and links.
  • How to apply SEO best practices to digital assets including PDFs, images and video.
  • How to apply SEO best practices to your press releases, social media sites and social posts (tweets, Facebook posts, etc.).
  • How to write basic meta tags (and yes, meta tags do matter!)
  • How to pair your content with relevant calls to action that actually drive leads and sales.
  • How to measure and visualize your organic search rankings, traffic and resulting ROI.
2 Hours
In-Person / Web-Based
Client - $0
Non-Client - Quote

About the Instructor

Harry J. Gold

Founder and CEO

In 2001, Harry and his partners started Overdrive Interactive. As the architect behind Overdrive Interactive’s digital programs, Harry’s primary mission is to create innovative marketing programs that really work and make sure that the best practices and technologies that drive success are continually blended into the culture and methods of the agency. What excites Harry is the knowledge that Overdrive Interactive’s collaborative environment has created a company of online marketing experts who all drive success for the clients they serve. Harry is also a frequent lecturer for The American Marketing Association, The Association of National Advertisers, The New England Direct Marketing Association and more. When Harry is not preaching the virtues of digital marketing to the world, you will probably find him on the shores of Gloucester, Massachusetts fishing for stripers or tending to his lobster pots.

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