Account Leadership

Strategic Marketing Services

At Overdrive, strategic marketing is driven by our leadership-oriented approach to client and account service. Client service is a value, philosophy and commitment that runs throughout our agency. Regardless of their job or department, everyone in our company plays an important role in serving clients. From account managers, to creatives, to administrators, everyone at Overdrive is constantly looking for ways to improve the strategic position and success of our clients. The net result is smart, innovative and successful marketing solutions for our clients.

The Way We Think

While everyone at Overdrive is dedicated to client service, we realize that clients need a primary contact or leader who can drive the process and provide accountability.

To exceed our client’s expectations, we embrace a philosophy we have branded as Account Leadership. This philosophy encourages us to think of ourselves as leaders, not just service providers. Account Leadership means that it is our responsibility to partner with and lead our clients through today’s ever more confusing and challenging marketing environment. This is accomplished by taking a leadership oriented approach to client service by bringing to the table a constant stream of new ideas, innovative solutions and fresh marketing opportunities.

Effective communication is a critical element of Account Leadership and to ensuring client success. You can count on your Overdrive account service team to communicate and advocate your needs throughout the agency. They manage all of your programs and projects within the agency to be accomplished on time, on budget and with no surprises.