Social Crowdsourcing Campaign


Harley-Davidson needed a way to turn fans, followers, and other online activities into actual retail/dealership visits. Overdrive proposed a social crowdsourcing promotion that created a photo mosaic. Users could submit their photos, be part of the Harley-Davidson catalog cover, visit the stores to get the catalog that they were part of, and find their photo in an online version of the mosaic.

  • Photo Submission Microsite
  • Photo Mosaic Application
  • Crowdsourced Photos
  • Socially Enabled Landing Page
  • Published Print Catalog
  • Social Media Posts
  • Email Marketing

Photo Submission Microsite

Harley-Davidson owners were encouraged to submit photos of themselves and their motorcycles via a photo collection microsite. The selected photos would be part of the 2010 Harley-Davidson catalog!

Crowdsourced Photos

Over 12,000 photos were submitted in just 3 days!

Published Print Catalog

Overdrive created a photomosaic Harley-Davidson used as the cover of its 2010 catalog. Participants were directed by email to their local dealers to get a copy of the catalog.

The Online Photo Mosaic

The mosaic was immortalized as an online piece of art and continues to be viewed and shared by thousands of people to this day. Users can zoom into the graphic to see individual photos and use a code to find their individual positioning within the mosaic.

Socially-Enabled Landing Page

Users were also encouraged to share the mosaic on Facebook, Twitter and other channels via prominent share buttons.


Bloggers loved the mosaic!

More Groundswell

People even sold the catalog on auction sites and made YouTube videos out of it! Check it out:

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