Digital for ROI fanatics.

Overdrive is powered by a bunch of super-zealous marketing experts who will leave no stone unturned and no opportunity untested to drive your success.

Overdrive Interactive is for clients who want performance right now. Clients who want programs that drive sales today while also building value and brand awareness for tomorrow. Clients who don’t just want to survive in today’s competitive online business climate, but want to truly innovate, transform, and thrive. Clients who want to leave the fluff in a jar and focus their efforts and investments on digital marketing that drives real and measurable ROI.

Overdrive possesses the strategic, creative, and technical abilities necessary to deliver this kind of performance. From proven, multi-channel, online marketing programs to complete corporate branding and marketing we have the skills and experience to make things happen and make them happen fast!

That’s why we offer proven, performance-based online marketing strategies and tactics that start delivering results right now, while building profitable customer relationships that add real equity over time. Take a few moments to explore our case studies and services – then get in touch!

Mission & Values

Together We Thrive

in our pursuit of digital marketing excellence and maximizing return on investment



Driven by the desire to be the best versions of ourselves



Passionate about building our expertise and educating those around us



Pushing the boundaries of strategic thinking to create cutting edge solutions that drive exceptional results



Fostering an environment of ownership and accountability that creates success and support those around us


We help enterprise level companies open their digitial marketing channels to drive revenue and growth


Lead generation and eCommerce with a focus on measurable performance

Our Awards

Overdrive Interactive

Interactive Agency of the Year

Zipcar Paid Search Program

Best Use of Targeting

Overdrive Interactive

Top Advertising Agency

Harley-Davidson Paid Search Marketing

Best Use of Search

Progress Software Brand Awareness Campaign

Best Computer: Software Online Campaign, Best Technology Online Campaign

AAA Fall Travel Partner Campaign

Best Travel Rich Media

MathWorks MATLAB R2014b Release

Best Computer – Software Online Ad

John Hancock Twitter Campaign

Gold | Interactive Category

Bright Horizons Search Marketing (SEM or SEO)

Gold | Interactive Category

See All Our Awards


Harry J. Gold

Founder and CEO

In 2001, Harry and his partners started Overdrive Interactive. As the architect behind Overdrive Interactive’s digital programs, Harry’s primary mission is to create innovative marketing programs that really work and make sure that the best practices and technologies that drive success are continually blended into the culture and methods of the agency. What excites Harry is the knowledge that Overdrive Interactive’s collaborative environment has created a company of online marketing experts who all drive success for the clients they serve. Harry is also a frequent lecturer for The American Marketing Association, The Association of National Advertisers, The New England Direct Marketing Association and more. When Harry is not preaching the virtues of digital marketing to the world, you will probably find him on the shores of Gloucester, Massachusetts fishing for stripers or tending to his lobster pots.

Jeff Selig

Chief Operating Officer

Jeff helps improve clients’ web properties findability through ranking well and appearing prominently in the Search Engine Results Pages. With three teams under his charge, Jeff leads the Earned Media group of SEO and Social with the Analytics practice for good measure. He is a strategic thinker who works “hands-on” with a proven ability to lead and manage large, cross-functional, global teams. Look for Jeff on the slopes with a decent vertical drop and some trees or out on the horizon from the shoreline in a wind powered vessel.

Dan Alexander

Chief Financial Officer

Dan has over 35 years of experience in the advertising/marketing industry and is responsible for all things financial including budgeting, revenue forecasting tax planning and banking as well as managing day to day operations. Outside Overdrive, Dan enjoys the outdoor and spends his free time golfing, skiing, ski-mobiling, hiking and canoeing in Maine.

Ty Velde

Founder and EVP, Director of Client Services

Ty has leveraged over 20+ years of experience to establish both the strategic vision and philosophy for the client service team. Throughout the course of his career at Overdrive, Ty has lead engagements with clients ranging from Harley-Davidson, Samsonite, Spectrum Enterprise, Bright Horizons, John Hancock and Brigham and Women’s Hospital. Ty is also the proud father of Liam and Keira, and also coaches youth hockey and baseball. Having just finished his 20th consecutive Boston Marathon and thirty-eighth marathon overall, it’s very clear that Ty understands the meaning of commitment and dedication and it carries through to his clients.

Michael Orlinski

SVP, Director of Paid Media

Michael (MO) has been specializing in paid media since 2004 with a particular focus on Paid Search, Paid Social, and Programmatic Display channels. He has worked with enterprise brands to develop smart, strategic campaigns to increase business performance. Though Mo has built up a wealth of experience across numerous verticals, he is particularly experienced with lead generation accounts and enjoys the challenges posed by sectors with unique sales cycles such as finance, education, health, and B2B tech. When not at work, Mo can probably be found running, cycling or hiking with his family.

Jessica O’Brien

Creative Director

With a meticulous spotlight on brand goals, Jess approaches every engagement with the driving theme of improvement, optimization, and creativity. She guides the creative team with work focused on driving action and engagement for clients while strengthening brand perception through great creative and content that maintains guidelines and tone to resonate with the ideal audience. Her work elevates brand impressions, all while creating a collaborative atmosphere with the companies she works with. Jess has created content and social feeds for top B2B and B2C brands, Her work has been featured on Business Wire and has designed collaborative social promotions with NASCAR, the Olympics, and Neil Young. During non-work hours, Jess can be found at MMA, painting portraits of pop culture icons, or attempting to run half marathons.

Dan Geller

Director of Paid Media

Dan’s role at Overdrive consists of day to day client media management as well as overseeing members of the paid search and media team. Dan has a very close relationship with Google and functions as the agency liaison between Overdrive and Google; bringing the latest and greatest functionality and offerings from Google directly to Overdrive’s clients. Outside of work, Dan is a frequenter of industry seminars, keeping up to date with the newest trends in the digital media space. He has a keen interest in assisting with startups and new business, helping with the development of early stage digital media integration.

Christina Lata

Director of Social Media

With a focus on data-driven strategy, Christina approaches social media with both an analytical and creative mindset to drive consumer awareness and engagement to deliver a measurable ROI. Her teams work to develop content that speaks to customers at every point of the conversion funnel in order to maintain a high level of engagement that complements the overarching marketing strategy. Additionally, through years of experience, she’s created a multi-step approach to activating influencer marketing campaigns to increase brand awareness and purchase preference. Christina has lead social media efforts across more than 10 industry verticals with renowned clients such as the Aruba Tourism Board, Pilot Pen Corporation of America, American Sugar Refining (Domino Sugar and C&H Sugar), Nothing Bundt Cakes, TPC Network, Montage Palmetto Bluff, and CoStar Group. When she’s not consuming social media or researching trends, Christina can be found playing golf horribly or cheering on the Florida State Seminoles at all the live sporting events she can get to.

Greg Kellerman

Director of Technical Services

Greg's role involves heading up both the web development side for websites, landing pages, and integrations as well as the business intelligence side where he manages and works with the developers to build out pipelines and dashboards to show a client's interactive customer journey via data visualization. In his spare time, he spends keeping up with his kids, watching and attending NBA games, and hitting the water kayaking on the 1,000's of lakes in Wisconsin.

Hailey Burnham

Associate Director of Media

Hailey has been helping both B2B and B2C clients drive success through display and paid social strategies since 2017. These brands range across various industries such as Consumer Goods/Products, Tech, Telco, and Finance. Outside Overdrive, Hailey enjoys spending time with her family in New Hampshire skiing during the winter and golfing or relaxing by the lake in the summer.

Account Leadership

Strategic Marketing Services

At Overdrive, strategic marketing is driven by our leadership-oriented approach to client and account service. Client service is a value, philosophy and commitment that runs throughout our agency. Regardless of their job or department, everyone in our company plays an important role in serving clients. From account managers, to creatives, to administrators, everyone at Overdrive is constantly looking for ways to improve the strategic position and success of our clients. The net result is smart, innovative and successful marketing solutions for our clients.

The Way We Think

While everyone at Overdrive is dedicated to client service, we realize that clients need a primary contact or leader who can drive the process and provide accountability.

To exceed our client’s expectations, we embrace a philosophy we have branded as Account Leadership. This philosophy encourages us to think of ourselves as leaders, not just service providers. Account Leadership means that it is our responsibility to partner with and lead our clients through today’s ever more confusing and challenging marketing environment. This is accomplished by taking a leadership oriented approach to client service by bringing to the table a constant stream of new ideas, innovative solutions and fresh marketing opportunities.

Effective communication is a critical element of Account Leadership and to ensuring client success. You can count on your Overdrive account service team to communicate and advocate your needs throughout the agency. They manage all of your programs and projects within the agency to be accomplished on time, on budget and with no surprises.

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