Social Sampling Program


Bazooka candy brands were introducing a new product and needed to get buzz and chatter to assist in its acquisition of retail shelf space.

Overdrive devised an experiential social sampling program targeting moms that combined Facebook, social sharing, and direct mail, turning the online interaction into real-world experiences. Parents got to see the product in action and truly experience their children’s delight when they received the product “just for them” by US Mail.

  • Targeted Facebook Advertising
  • Facebook Page and Custom Tab Development
  • Video Production
  • Social Share Functionality on Facebook Page
  • Managed Facebook and Twitter Content Streams
  • Social Media Analytics (SocialEye)
  • Covered Special Events to Promote Sweet Tweets to Target Demographics
  • Direct Mail

Targeted Facebook Advertising

A modest Facebook budget (in the hundreds of dollars) promoted the sampling program to moms, driving them to a gated page where they could watch the video and like Sweet Tweets.

Custom Facebook Video Tab and Sweet Tweets Video

Users arrived at a custom-designed Facebook tab to watch an entertaining and informative video that Overdrive created. It featured a light and innocent message, showing how excited their kids would be upon receiving a Sweet Tweet. It also simply explained how easy and fun the product was – especially for kids.

Custom Facebook Entry Form Tab

Users were then presented with a form where they could send up to three sample packages to loved ones (it wouldn’t be fair if only one kid in the family got a sample).

Social Share Functionality on Facebook Page

Once complete, participants were encouraged to share the opportunity to send Sweet Tweets and samples to their friends with a prominently displayed “Share Now” call to action.

The promotion garnered a free viral lift via other participants’ Facebook pages and news feeds.

Custom Facebook Confirmation Tab

The confirmation page then encouraged participants to proceed to the site to actually buy Sweet Tweets online.

Results: Facebook Likes

The Sweet Tweets Facebook fan base increased by thousands within only a few hours.

Overdrive Creates and Sends Sweet Tweets

Overdrive then sent out over 20,000 handwritten Sweet Tweet packages to the surprise and delight of children and recipients everywhere.

Overdrive’s efficient workflow and management kept the price per piece (including postage) extremely low.

Results: Facebook Fans Love Sweet Tweets

The online community exploded with activity. Influential moms on Twitter and the blogosphere talked about the promotion.

Results: Tweets

Results: Mommy Tweeters

Results: Tons of Fans

In two sampling sessions that lasted a few hours each, the program garnered over 19,000 fans.

Results: Tons of Twitter Exposure and Engagement

The program enjoyed huge groundswell in Twitter especially among mommy bloggers who could be identified through Overdrive’s SocialEye platform.

Total Tweets: 125

Impressions: 255,010

Results: E-commerce Sales

The website sold out on the first day (supplies were quickly replenished).

Results: Facebook Friends

Overdrive capitalized on the campaign’s successful performance and developed a second free product sample event two weeks later.

That resulted in an increase of friends to just over 18,000.

Additional events featuring Sweet Tweets were held and promoted on Facebook. Overdrive published daily content posts and managed interaction with users on Facebook and Twitter.

This activity increased product impressions significantly.

And the campaign also generated…

Eight marriage proposals (which were sent via priority mail).

We couldn’t track how many accepted.

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