Crafting the Demand Gen Customer Journey

Building digital pathways that bring customers to your door

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Webinar Description

Do you know how customers get to you? Have you clearly visualized the various customer journeys the drive revenue into your business? Are all the components working right now?

Whether you are selling cat food or cloud security there is a very real customer journey that every business must create, maintain and optimize to thrive in today’s digital first marketplace. This journey starts at the first impressions a customer sees or hears and ends with their loyalty, advocacy and a measurable ROI. Its components include advertising, search, website experiences, email, retail, databases, call centers, CRM systems and all the other touchpoints that guide customers to your company.

This session will help you and your team master an approach to managing all the moving parts of digital marketing and the customer journey. It has been designed to quickly add power and potential to your team’s current online platforms, channels and campaigns and help them launch new ones. The session will include real case studies (both B2B and B2C), as well as tactics and ideas that your company can start using right away.

Date: 3/25/21
Time: 2:00pm
Duration: 30 mins. + Q&A

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Key topics covered in this session are as follows:

  • Designing and visualizing customer journeys that instantly reveal how all your digital and traditional marketing fits together and how your ROI can be improved.
  • Auditing your customer journeys and the data journey they create across your various marketing tech stack components. (Google Analytics, SalesForce, Pardot, etc.)
  • Identifying high-impact points of optimization and optimizing those components for performance and ROI.
  • Developing content and titles that strike emotional chords, so prospects pay attention, consume your brilliance and learn about your products.
  • Maintaining highly targeted / highly efficient paid and earned media presence in front of the right people, at the right time, all the time.
  • Creating nurture campaigns that coordinate touchpoints across email, digital media, social, telephone calls to escalate content engagement to contract requests.
    React to prospects’ behavior and data with telemarketing, marketing automation, and personalization.
  • Creating useful dashboards that yield actionable insights you can use to optimize your various channels for exponential increases in ROI.
  • Utilize end-to-end campaign templates so all departments get it right the first time and operate from the same standards and marketing playbook.

About the Speaker

Harry J. Gold

CEO, Overdrive Interactive

In 2001, Harry and his partners started Overdrive Interactive. As the architect behind Overdrive Interactive’s digital programs, Harry’s primary mission is to create innovative marketing programs that really work and make sure that the best practices and technologies that drive success are continually blended into the culture and methods of the agency. What excites Harry is the knowledge that Overdrive Interactive’s collaborative environment has created a company of online marketing experts who all drive success for the clients they serve. Harry is also a frequent lecturer for The American Marketing Association, The Association of National Advertisers, The New England Direct Marketing Association and more. When Harry is not preaching the virtues of digital marketing to the world, you will probably find him on the shores of Gloucester, Massachusetts fishing for stripers or tending to his lobster pots.

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