Amazon SEO

What is Amazon SEO


Running an Amazon business and lacking an Amazon SEO strategy? Amazon SEO is simply the technique of optimizing your Amazon business listings to rank higher in Amazon searches for specific keywords and search phrases. When you optimize your business product listings, you allow Amazon to locate your listings and display them to potential buyers searching for exactly what you have to offer. It’s like a coordinated effort between you and Amazon to market your products in a way that brings more traffic and attention to your products on the Amazon website.

 Why is Amazon Important

One of the most important factors that go into making sure you get that traffic is to make sure you have a good Amazon SEO campaign running. Findability is as important in an online retail environment as it is in a Google SERP. Overdrive can scale across multiple ASINs and improve your overall seller rankings.

Amazon product discoverability and ranking factors include product content, search keywords, product images, product videos, reviews, availability, fulfillment methods, to name a few. Overdrive helps you optimize your product discoverability to increase your findability and visibility.

Lets Talk about Amazon SEO

Amazon Listing Optimization in Seller Central


What is Amazon Listing Optimization? Amazon listing optimization (also called Amazon optimization or Amazon positioning) refers to the method of tailoring your website product listing to specifically draw in customers who will be most likely to purchase your products. Tailoring the listing optimization to the interests of the customer can lead to increased sales and better overall revenue. Your product will rise or fall in the online search results based on how you construct your product lists’ back and front end.

How Overdrive Can Help You With Amazon Product Listings?


  • Seller Account / Brand Setup
  • Amazon Account, Product Listings, and Feed Audit
  • Competitive Analysis of Listings and Products
  • Buy Box Management
  • Keyword Research and Optimization
  • Product Category and Title Optimization
  • Copywriting and Design
  • Image and Video Additions and Optimization
  • Amazon Review Strategies
  • Amazon Product Review and BSR Strategy
  • Amazon Ad Campaigns, PPC Services, and Sponsored Listings
  • Complete Amazon Advertising Strategies

What is the Amazon A9 Algorithm


Amazon recently revealed their latest algorithm update to the selling community and after reviewing the comments left by so many readers, it becomes apparent that not too many people understand what Amazon A9 really means (some are now calling this Amazon A10 algorithm). So, to simplify the whole ‘algorithm’ topic for you, we have gone ahead and discussed the main elements of this latest algorithm release which we boiled down to two criteria:

  • Relevance (keywords)
  • Performance (sales velocity and availability)

Amazon has reduced its ranks in most of the high net worth categories such as Video, Books, DVD, and Electronics while they have added new, narrower niches such as Apparel, Health & Beauty, and Lifestyle.

Optimized Amazon listings lead to increased sales and revenue

As an Amazon store and listing optimization agency, we look at how the Amazon buyer-based search engine algorithm works and whether it is likely to affect your future online retail sales.

  • Product’s Title
  • Amazon Reviews
  • Amazon Backend Keywords
  • Product Description, Specifications, and Bullet Points
  • Product’s Price
  • Product Images and Videos
  • Amazon Conversion Rate
  • In-stock
  • Back-end Keywords
  • FBA or FBM

How to Optimize Keywords for Amazon SEO

One of the most important factors of making money online is to choose the right keywords and keyword phrases for your products. Backend keywords are also called “hidden” keywords used in your Amazon Seller Account’s backend section. There are five fields Amazon sellers can fill in using hidden terms. Each line has a 50-character limit. These are used to add functionality assisting Amazon’s A9 algorithm that a specific product listing is targeted and relevant to a set of specific keywords. Pro tip use Amazon’s search bar for keyword suggestions.

Amazon Keyword Research Tools

Amazon Keyword Research Tools takes the guessing out of your SEO methodology by providing you with a host of insights including search volume, keyword frequency, keyword competition, keyword sensitive analysis, price-based keyword, and so much more. Overdrive uses a variety of Amazon keyword research tools for competitive insights. Jungle Scout Amazon SEO Optimization insights provide us in real-time movements in Amazon results to action against.

Setup Your Product Descriptions

Amazon has changed the way product descriptions are set up and you must adapt. In earlier versions, you had to do all the setup yourself. This made the product description creation process tedious and very time-consuming, not to mention very confusing as well. It was so hard to figure out which format to use to make your product descriptions most readable and eye-catching and now you can set up your product descriptions with just a few clicks of your mouse and you get the desired results in seconds flat.  Overdrive also uses toolsets and platforms like Feedonomics for your product feed optimization used on Google Shopping, Amazon, and Facebook.

Optimizing Amazon Product Listings

Amazon has more than 400 million users, making it the ideal platform for you to highlight your goods. However, to beat a slew of competition, you need to optimize Amazon product lists. When you become an affiliate of Amazon, all you have to do is put the product links on your website and focus on generating as many positive reviews as you can. Positive reviews are what lead potential customers to your product’s page, and when these are convincing enough, the traffic increases exponentially. Optimizing your Amazon product listing should be one of your primary concerns.

1001 Amazon SEO Tasks

  • Product analysis
  • Keyword research for individual products
  • Amazon product listings keyword mapping and optimization
  • Search term keyword additions
  • Product title optimization
  • Product key features optimization
  • Product category optimization
  • Product optimization
  • Amazon SEO product copywriting
  • Video additions
  • Buy box management


  • Image additions, optimizations, and photo editing
  • Full-service Amazon marketing e-commerce agency
  • Campaign development and strategy including paid media
  • Ongoing product optimization
  • Competitor GAP analysis
  • Earned media content assets – content, product, reviews
  • Weekly, monthly, quarterly Amazon progress reporting and insights
  • Amazon paid media campaign strategies and optimization

Optimizing your Amazon Business Listings

Overdrive is an Amazon marketing and advertising agency, creating and promoting your Amazon product listings with both Amazon SEO and Amazon PPC for a unified marketing campaign.


How do I increase SEO on Amazon?

Performance: Sales, CTR, and CVR are influenced by images, text, price, reviews, ads, Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA), Prime, and inventory

Does SEO really work?

Amazon A9 and SEO is the process of optimizing product keywords, product images, and text content of your product listing to rank higher in Amazon search results. There have been updates also called Amazon’s A10 algorithm with more weight given to relevancy, and less given to sales-driven from Amazon’s internal ad system “Sponsored Products”, also known as “Amazon PPC.

What is the Amazon Buy Box Algorithm?

Amazon determines which product offer has the best balance of high seller performance and low price then decides and presents which seller offers the best value to the customer.

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