Always-On Account-Based Marketing – Webinar Slides & Video

Scalable and Sustainable ABM in 4 Steps

You don’t turn off your CRM. So, why would you turn off your account-based marketing program? This webinar walks through the essential tactics of an always-on ABM program that truly scales to consistently put your brand and offers in front of the people at the companies you want to do business with. The webinar helps marketers focus their efforts and media investments on generating leads and opportunities their sales team will love.

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Learn about:

  • Build an ABM list of prospects with the scale to make a difference.
  • Identify intenders who are looking for what you sell so sales can get the jump on your competition.
  • Buy media that targets the right companies and people who can actually buy.
  • Nurture leads your sales team will want to pursue.
  • Report on metrics that reveal pipeline value that actually matters to the C-suite.

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