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Drive ROI with B2B Content Marketing

In a B2B marketplace where seemingly everyone is writing blogs, posting video and producing eBooks for B2B inbound marketing, it can be tough to create a B2B content marketing program that actually stands apart. To create content that has true value, breakthroughs the noise and – most importantly – moves audiences along the sales funnel, you need a great deal of expertise and insight into audience needs and wants.

Overdrive, a full-service digital marketing and B2B marketing agency, provides comprehensive B2B content marketing services to help develop strategy, define audiences, produce content, and get it into the hands of the right people at the right time. With Overdrive, you get a team of B2B content marketing specialists to help you create and market the kind of content that stands out from the crowd and drives greater ROI.

Becoming a Marketing Engineer – Webinar Slides & Video

Today, in order to be a great marketer, one must truly become a Marketing Engineer. Learn how all the best practices and platforms we use come together to create a marketing infrastructure, customer journey and sales funnel.

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The Foundation of Great B2B Content Marketing

While both consumer and business content marketing are concerned with online demand generation engaging audiences, building brands, generating leads, and driving sales, B2B content marketing must focus on three things:

  • Usefulness. While B2C content can build awareness by producing content that is entertaining or diverting, B2C content marketing must focus on producing pieces that help business audiences solve problems. The B2B buying process is typically much longer and involves more research, and quality B2B content can add great value to the buying process.
  • Quality.There’s a lot of really mediocre content in the B2B content marketing space. Because content is time-consuming to produce, many companies will relegate it to junior employees who have neither the skills nor experience to produce great content. Lots of B2B content is recycled from other material and provides no new or real insight. Cutting through the clutter in B2B content marketing requires content of much higher quality.
  • Audiences. Most B2B content marketing is based on conversations that companies want to have, rather than focusing on topics that truly serve the needs of audiences. Content that answers the burning questions and solves the critical problems of business users will always perform better.

Marketing Minute Video: The Secret to Content Marketing in 2 Minutes

What makes great content for content marketing? Discover the four cornerstones of great content with Harry J. Gold, CEO of Overdrive.

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Strategies for Successful B2B Content Marketing

When you choose Overdrive as your B2B agency for content marketing, we’ll help to infuse your program with proven strategies and tactics that increase consumption, build brand affinity, and drive more conversions. Here are some of the most important tactics for generating and marketing great content.

  • Document your strategy. This may seem obvious, but a recent survey found that while 62% of the B2B organizations that are successful at content marketing have a documented strategy, only 37% of all B2B content marketing specialists take the time to develop one. A content marketing strategy helps to focus priorities, identify metrics, demonstrate ROI, and keep your team focused on the tasks most important to B2B content marketing
  • Tell stories. Even though your content is business-oriented, the decision-makers who are purchasing products are teams of people, and people love stories. Telling great stories in your content humanizes your brand, engages users more effectively, and connects with users at an emotional level, which is critical to conversion.
  • Say it with video. Video has been proven to increase engagement on webpages and conversion on landing pages, and it’s estimated that by 2022, 80% of the content consumed by buyers on the Internet will be video.
  • Automate processes. B2B content marketing has a lot of complexity and moving parts, and automation tools are essential to managing it all effectively and cost-efficiently. The right tool should help integrate your content into social media, enable increasingly granular messaging for specific accounts, personalize site content in emails, and provide the data analytics you need to measure performance.
  • Make it evergreen. Evergreen content has a longer shelf life than highly topical or trendy content. Evergreen content centers on fundamental or foundational ideas and will tend to rank higher on Google search engine results pages.
  • Make it portable. Content that can be easily shared, tweeted, emailed as a PDF, or printed on paper will gain more traction and views.
  • Think lightweight. Content that is easily produced and easily consumed will deliver higher ROI. While long form content like white papers, webinars and eBooks are still an essential part of B2B content marketing, you’ll get more traction from blogs, minute videos, infographics, checklists, short how-to guides, and other short form content.

14 B2B Social Media Marketing Tactics That Work

When it comes to social media marketing, everybody thinks about getting the Like, or how many Facebook Fans they have. But, social media marketing is not about the Like or the Fan, it’s about the SHARE! Watch Harry J. Gold, CEO of Overdrive, explain the power of the Share!

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Key Metrics for B2B Content Marketing

As a leading interactive agency, Overdrive builds analytics and measurement into the B2B content marketing process from the start. Our detailed reporting structures provide instant visibility into critical metrics such as:

  • Consumption
    • Page views – to gauge the top performing content
    • Unique visitors – to determine the total size of your audience
    • Average time on page – to identify how deeply users are engaging with your content
    • Number of downloads – to identify which content resonates with audiences most effectively
  • Retention
    • Bounce rate – to better understand which pages/content are driving viewers away
    • New vs. returning users – to see how effectively your content is bringing people back to your site
    • Unsubscribe rate – to determine how well your content satisfies users’ needs
  • Engagement
    • Comments – to see how seriously users engage with your content and what kind of responses they have to it
    • Pages per session – to see how long users engage with your content
    • Click through rate (CTR) – to see how well your content encourages action
    • Social media engagement – how many likes, comments and favorites your content generates on different platforms
  • Sharing
    • Social media shares – to see what kind of content resonates most effectively
    • Email forwards – to help measure the performance of content distributed through email
  • Leads
    • Gated content downloads – to help identify Marketing Qualified Leads
    • New newsletter subscribers – to help identify Marketing Qualified Leads

Marketing Minute Video: The Power of the Social Media Share – Going Viral

When it comes to social media marketing, everybody thinks about getting the Like, or how many Facebook Fans they have. But, social media marketing is not about the Like or the Fan, it’s about the SHARE! Watch Harry J. Gold, CEO of Overdrive, explain the power of the Share!

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Increase Traction by Adding Authority to B2B Content Marketing

Recently, major search engines like Google have created plans to combat disinformation by refining their algorithms to prioritize authoritative content in search rankings.

Google’s new Content Rating Guidelines, for example, will rank pages based on a number of criteria related to authoritativeness, including:

  • Who is responsible for a site and its content.
  • The reputation of the site or the creator of the main content.
  • Information on sources of reputation.
  • The level of Expertise/Authoritativeness/Trustworthiness (E-A-T).
  • Clarity and satisfaction of website information.
  • Overall page quality ranking.

While many of Google’s methods for evaluating content are based on algorithms, the process of gauging authoritativeness is manual – real human beings will be reading and evaluating your content.

With these guidelines in mind, you can improve search engine rankings by including subject matter experts (SMEs) with large digital footprints in your content, building trust through association over time. (If you have SMEs that need a bit of an authority boost in Google’s eyes, you can improve their status through PR activities and by forming connections with other well-known authorities.)

Overdrive can help you to understand how to leverage trusted SMEs to create new content or improve the effectiveness of existing content, developing pieces that resonate with your consumers while aligning with new SEO best practices for authority.

17 Ways to Integrate Social and SEO

Today, both SEO and social media marketing can be far more successful if both channels are attached at the hip. In this webinar, we’ll show you 17 social and SEO integration tactics you can start using right away.

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Overdrive B2B Content Marketing Services

Successful B2B content marketing requires an expert skill set. While great copywriting and graphic design are important, content strategists, market researchers, and SEO specialists are what truly drive the performance of B2B content programs.

As a full-service digital and creative marketing agency, Overdrive provides a team of content marketing experts who can provide assistance at any stage of planning, building, managing, and optimizing your B2B content marketing efforts. Our services include:

  • Strategy
  • Market research
  • Building audience personas
  • SEO
  • Copywriting and editing
  • Graphic design

FAQs: What is B2B Content Marketing?

What is B2B content marketing?

B2B content marketing is a strategy for engaging audiences, building brands, generating leads, and driving sales by producing content to be consumed by business customers. By delivering content that helps to educate and to solve problems, B2B content enables marketers to reach, nurture, and deliver value to target audiences, moving them further down the sales funnel.

How do you write a B2B content marketing plan?

A good B2B content marketing plan starts a strategy that defines the specific goals of a content marketing program, such as increasing sales qualified leads, driving more traffic, or boosting sales for a product or service. Next, a B2B content marketing plan must define audience segments and identify the needs of every segment at each stage of the buying journey. Finally, a content marketing plan identifies what kinds of content will be most helpful to audiences at each stage of their journey.

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