Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is a Nonstop Global Competition

At Overdrive, the quest for search engine dominance never stops. Why? Because the competition for top search result rankings is always threatened by competitors’ SEO programs and the new content they publish every day. That’s why some of the world’s leading enterprises turn to Overdrive to effectively compete and achieve top search engine rankings for the keywords that matter most to their brands and bottom lines!

Winning on the Search Front Lines

Our clients know that they can instantly tap into a multi-faceted SEO team armed with the full range of critical SEO strategies, tactics, and technologies required to globally dominate keyword categories in today’s search-first marketplace. The positive results for our clients include dramatic increases in quality web traffic and relevant customer experiences that build their brands and drive revenue.

End-to-End Search Engine Optimization (Integrated SEO)

At the core of Overdrive’s success is our integrated approach to search engine optimization that brings together all the must-have elements of SEO under one roof and one comprehensive program. We don’t simply tell our clients to fix code, write meta tags, or produce tons of content. Anyone can get that advice by Googling “SEO checklist.” We tell our clients exactly what needs to be done to move the needle and, if they need support, we do whatever is required – copy, code, creative, social content – to get the job done.

SEO Roadmaps that Lead to Success

Overdrive creates custom SEO plans for the enterprise and backs them up with the advanced analytical, technical, creative, and production services that clients need to make the plan happen. So where do we start? We always start with a documented plan that considers our client’s products, business categories, marketing tech stack, business objectives, marketing programs, IT roadmaps, site launches, schedules, and other factors that influence SEO within the enterprise. Then we help them identify and prioritize search terms their customers use every day to find products and services they sell.

Answering “Yes” to the Right SEO Questions

Our SEO plans and programs wrap everything up into a complete package with goals, target terms, schedules, metrics, deliverables, and more – all the steps and components needed to really drive results! We make sure our clients can answer “yes” to the following questions:

  • Do you have a 24-month integrated SEO plan that maps to your business and website development roadmaps?
  • Do you have a solid SEO plan and the capabilities to execute on that plan?
  • Do you know target keyword terms and keyword categories that matter to your enterprise today based on sound, fact-based research, Google search data, and historical SEM data?
  • Are you updating this keyword list on a regular basis so that your copy and content people know what they are?
  • Are you tracking your competitive search presence and search share of voice down to the keyword level with enterprise level search tools, so you know where to focus your technical SEO and content development efforts?
  • Are all your content developers and copywriters properly trained so that they know what keywords are important and how to use them in the content they create every day?

For most organizations, the answer to these SEO questions before we show up is “no” to “not really.” We fix these areas of uncertainty fast and keep them fixed so that we all know where to focus our SEO efforts moving forward.

SEO Tech Platforms That Give You an Edge and Early Wins

Along with a team of unrivaled search experts, Overdrive brings a ready-made SEO marcom stack of enterprise-class tools to the table. This helps us establish an instant winning edge in terms of visibility, identifying critical issues fast, and creating early wins that move the needle.

Content-Centric Search Engine Optimization

Overdrive’s method of achieving top search listings for targeted keywords is called Content-Centric Search Engine Optimization. The overriding philosophy behind this approach is to give search engines and consumers what they want – great content. We achieve success by following best practices and avoiding trick codes, black hat linking strategies, and false content that can compromise your standing with Google and the other search engines. Our solution is easy to understand – we clean up your code and produce great content that consumers and search engines both love.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) – Encouraging Desired Search Behavior

Our CRO services add power to our SEO programs by addressing the critical endgame of our clients’ online marketing objectives — sales. Our search engine optimization programs not only drive organic search traffic, but they also connect prospects to high-quality user experiences that encourage desired behavior and generate leads, actions, and sales. After all, your SEO program and the resulting search engine presence is only valuable if it connects visitors to content that satisfies their online needs and gets them to take action.

SEO Training for the Enterprise

Are all your coders, content developers and copywriters properly trained so they know how to apply at least the minimum SEO best practices to the things they do every day?

A typical enterprise can have dozens if not hundreds of individuals contributing code and content to advertising and marketing globally. The difference between them doing “next to nothing for SEO” or “a little bit of something for SEO” can be dramatic over time. We provide training to get the whole village involved. And we also often find something amazing: our clients’ teams genuinely want to be trained in SEO – it’s great for the enterprise and it’s great for their careers! Here is a partial list of some of our training curriculum:

  • Search Engine Marketing 101
    • All departments and staff members
  • PR Seminar/Webinar
    • PR team
  • SEO Copywriting Seminar/Webinar
    • Copywriters
  • SEO Code Compliance Seminar/Webinar
    • IT and webmasters
  • Universal Search (Images and Video) Seminar/Webinar
    • Designers and multi-media producers
  • Inter-Divisional Linking Seminar/Webinar
    • Various division marketing departments
  • SEO and Social Media Marketing
    • All departments and staff members
  • SEO and Paid Search
    • Paid search, strategy, SEO
  • SEO and The Buyer’s Journey
    • Content, strategy, SEO
  • Identity, Authority, Authorship, and Optimization
    • Content, strategy, SEO

1001 SEO and Digital Marketing Tasks

Today, digital marketing, and especially SEO, is a discipline that involves a thousand different tasks. Overdrive clients get a team with a broad variety of SEO skills and experience that no single SEO person or department can provide. Our teams complement our clients’ resident capabilities and help them overcome their internal talent and bandwidth constraints.Our SEO programs allow clients to instantly tap into services that include:

  • Strategic SEO planning and consulting
  • Customer, category, and keyword research
  • SEO marcom stack deployment
  • BrightEdge Partner support
  • Rank and competitive benchmarking and analysis
  • Ongoing security, compliance, code reviews and recommendations
  • 301 redirect mapping and implementation
  • Google Analytics, Search Console, and Google Tag Manager audits and management
  • Link tracking, preservation, and reclamation
  • Content development, gap analysis, and strategy
  • International SEO language and country planning
  • E-commerce SEO management
  • Enterprise SEO management
  • Local search optimization
  • Yext local search listing management
  • Voice search optimization
  • Mobile search optimization
  • App Store search optimization
  • Search feed optimization
  • Website audit and assessment
  • Website migration/relaunch/consolidation/acquisition strategy and approach
  • Video search optimization
  • Conversion rate optimization
  • Subdomain and microsite strategy
  • Corporate SEO training for PR, social, and content developers
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