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Organic search brings more viewers to a website on average than any other source of traffic , making enterprise SEO a top priority for enterprise marketing teams. And while enterprises inevitably have higher budgets for SEO efforts, there never seems to be enough resources for enterprise eCommerce marketing teams to manage the myriad of details that enterprise SEO involves. Managing content across multiple departments and departmental silos is a challenge and integrating SEO technology across the enterprise can be incredibly complex. And no matter how well you are doing today, your SEO program must constantly protect against competitors and fluctuations in Google’s algorithm.

Overdrive, a leading full-service digital marketing and ecommerce SEO agency, offers comprehensive SEO services that can help enterprise teams to work more effectively and deliver results more quickly. With deep experience and insight, Overdrive’s specialists can help enterprise SEO teams get greater results from their budgets while providing hands-on expertise and extra bandwidth when needed.

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Enterprise SEO: Where to Start?

The difficulty with enterprise SEO is the sheer scale of the endeavor. Where do you began when there are thousands or millions of pages to optimize?

At Overdrive, we recommend starting with a site-wide audit to identify priorities for optimization and determining where you can achieve the most significant improvement with the least amount of effort.

Optimizing keywords that are currently ranked on the second page of SERPs (in positions 11 to 20) is an ideal place to start, as it often takes just a little work in optimizing content and building links to move results for these keywords into top positions.

Building out pages that are performing okay despite thin content is another way of taking advantage of low-hanging fruit. By adding content and ensuring that pages reflect users’ intent and answer users’ questions, you may find that these pages quickly move up in rankings.

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Essential tactics for Enterprise SEO

  • Be fast. Not only is the speed of your website a significant factor in enterprise SEO ranking, it can encourage or discourage users from exploring your offerings. Slow load times will inevitably cause users to look elsewhere for the products and services they need.
  • Build your backlinks. Links are one of the top ranking factors for Google, yet more than half of all pages on the web don’t have a single backlink . There is no shortage of strategies for increasing backlinks, but one of the most effective is contacting websites that contain unlinked mentions of your products and services and asking them to create a link back to your site.
  • Focus on Featured Snippets. Because voice assistants like Amazon Echo draw responses to voice searches directly from Google Featured Snippets, enterprise SEO should aim to optimize keywords for this top-of-the-page position on Google SERPs.
  • Eliminate valueless pages. Enterprises often have hundreds or thousands of webpages that are no longer relevant but are still interlinked to other more valuable pages on the site. Pruning these no-value pages helps improve the experience of searchers and ensures that search engines are crawling higher value pages, resulting in higher ranking.
  • Stay fresh. The freshness of content is one of Google’s biggest ranking factors. Updating pages to answer new questions, respond to competitive threats, or to include new and engaging content (images, lists, facts, interactive quizzes, etc.) is one of the easiest ways to improve SEO value..
  • Crank out content. Creating and publishing quality content – from blogs and eBooks to videos, infographics, and webinars – is essential to enterprise SEO and one of the best ways to bring visitors to your website. Testing short-form and long-form content can help to identify which formats work best for various offers/products.
  • Protect your brand. Potential buyers will often search for specific brands and products as they narrow their decision-making process. Working diligently to dominate the top spots for your brand and branded products can help to control a searcher’s first impression and mitigate the effect of potentially articles, brand comparisons, and reviews that might be less than perfect..
  • Automate. The scale of enterprise SEO requires automation at every stage of the SEO workflow.
  • Never set it and forget it. There are 10 spots or less on the first page of a Google SERP. You may rank highly today, but SEO rankings change constantly, and your competitors are working diligently to knock you down a page or two. Enterprise SEO must be an on-going project of re-strategizing and continual optimization to maintain and/or improve your rank.

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Overdrive Services for Enterprise SEO

As a full-service digital, SEO, and creative marketing agency, Overdrive provides integrated services that can complement the capabilities and add to the bandwidth of internal enterprise SEO teams. From consulting on ecommerce marketing strategy to executing enterprise SEO strategies and untangling issues in the marcom stack, our specialists provide the expertise and experience that enterprise SEO teams require to drive greater results and deliver higher ROI.

Our enterprise SEO services include:

  • Strategic SEO planning and consulting, including subdomain and microsite strategy
  • Website audit and assessment
  • Website migration/relaunch/consolidation/acquisition strategy and approach
  • Customer, category, and keyword research
  • Rank and competitive benchmarking and analysis
  • Ongoing security, compliance, code reviews, and recommendations
  • SEO marcom stack deployment and integration
  • Content development, gap analysis, and strategy
  • BrightEdge Partner support
  • Google Analytics, Search Console, and Google Tag Manager audits and management
  • Link tracking, preservation, and reclamation
  • International SEO language and country planning
  • Ecommerce SEO management
  • Local search optimization and Yext local search listing management
  • Voice, mobile, and video search optimization
  • App Store search optimization
  • Search feed optimization
  • Conversion rate optimization
  • Corporate SEO training for PR, social, and content developers


What is enterprise SEO?

Enterprise SEO, or enterprise search engine optimization, is the task of optimizing enterprise websites and content to increase visibility on search engine results pages (SERPs). Enterprise SEO is like traditional SEO, but it involves websites that may have thousands or millions of pages and requires more expert knowledge of technical SEO practices.

Why is enterprise SEO important?

Winning the competition for organic search is essential for generating revenue. Many business buyers and consumers perform searches for products before they purchase them online or in the store, and most users never venture past the first three pages on SERPS. Consequently, successful enterprise SEO is critical to ensuring high rankings and to bringing potential buyers to an enterprise website where they can be nurtured through the sales pipeline toward conversion.

What tools do you use to measure enterprise SEO?

While there are a great many tools on the market for managing and measuring enterprise SEO, several of the best include:
• BrightEdge, which provides in-depth competitor analysis, Share of Voice metrics, competitive keyword analytics, and integration of domain analytics and social data with SEO information.
• Ahrefs, which helps to track and document backlinks to a domain.
• SEMrush, which shows the ranked position for a keyword and estimates its search volume and the amount of traffic it brings to your site.
• Screaming Frog, which helps to identify broken links and canonical issues.
• BrightLocal, a tool for tracking and managing local SEO.

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