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B2B Marketing Analytics

Drive Performance with Overdrive’s B2B Marketing Analytics

Your B2B marketing analytics are critical to understanding how well your marketing efforts are succeeding and where you need to make refinements and improvements. From optimizing your website for lead generation to improving landing page conversion optimization and getting the most value from each marketing dollar, the right B2B analytics program can dramatically impact performance and revenue.

As a leading digital marketing and demand generation agency, Overdrive Interactive delivers B2B marketing analytics programs that provide the intelligence CMOs need to evaluate performance and the data that marketing managers require to continually optimize programs. Ultimately, our strategic marketing services focus on concrete goals: how to reduce friction in the buyer’s journey, and how to capture leads and convert prospects more effectively.

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Critical Metrics for B2B Analytics

B2B marketing analytics should deliver essential insight into every aspect of your audience and your efforts to reach them, including:

  • What each stage of each customer journey entails.
    • What your audience wants and what engages them most effectively.
    • How your audience responds to messaging and offers.
    • How to best segment your audience to personalize messaging throughout the buyer’s journey.
  • How your website and other audience touch points can be optimized to move prospects through the funnel more efficiently.

To develop these insights, the most important metrics in B2B marketing analytics will likely include:

  • Volume metrics such as number of visits, impressions, clicks, downloads, shares, and email opens.
  • Conversion metrics such as percentage of marketing qualified leads (MQLs) converted to sales qualified leads (SQLs) or the number of SQLs converted to sales.
  • Velocity metrics that indicate the duration of each step in the buyer’s journey, such as average time for MQLs to become SQLs, and average time to sale.
  • Value metrics such as cost per lead (CPL), cost per click (CPC), customer acquisition cost (CAC), and return on marketing investment (ROMI).

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What B2B Marketing Analytics Should Measure

Overdrive can help you optimize end to end marketing performance with B2B marketing analytics that measure:

  • Campaigns, to understand the effectiveness of the overall campaign and each individual component.
  • Attribution, to determine which aspects of your marketing efforts contributed to a conversion.
  • Content effectiveness, to determine how successfully your content is engaging users and moving them through the funnel.
  • Offsite conversions, to capture metrics for conversions that happen via non-digital marketing channels.
  • Additional user actions such as micro conversions, internal site search, time spent on specific pages, and the percentage of users accessing your site via mobile versus desktop technology.

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Components of Overdrive’s B2B Marketing Analytics Programs

 When building your analytics program, Overdrive will take into account your current marketing technology stack feeding results from various platforms and:

  1. Audit current analytics efforts, including existing performance data and KPIs.
  2. Setup an analytics framework that includes:
    1. Goals for B2B marketing analytics that will determine which metrics to monitor.
    2. Filters that narrow results to produce more accurate data.
    3. Events such as visits, downloads, clicks, and conversions to be tracked.
    4. Tag management tasks that collect data from your website for analytics.
  3. Monitor performance of data collection and analytics activities.
  4. Develop reports and dashboards that deliver insight and recommendations


How Do You Track B2B Marketing Analytics?

Tracking marketing analytics requires a well-designed analytics program that combines strategy and goal definition, technology to capture data, and effective attribution and tag management to understand how well each aspect of your marketing effort is working.

• Analytics: Integration configurations include combinations of several platforms like Google, Pardot, Marketo, IBM, Adobe analytics, Salesforce. Overdrive will help configure your systems and integrate your martech stack for accurate, actionable data.
• Executive dashboards: Overdrive will create easy-to-view, real-time executive dashboards so your CMO and C-suite stakeholders can access important information at any time.
• Monthly reporting: Overdrive will configure reports that you can trust as a single source of truth. We structure reports to be more than just data – you’ll also get interpretation of what the report means and what steps you need to take next.
• Marketing Automation and Marketing Analytics: Overdrive will make sure reporting out of your marketing automation platforms matches the data reported in your web analytics package.

Which B2B Metrics Are Most Important?

The B2B marketing analytics that are most important to your company will depend on your goals. Some of the most important analytics and metrics are those that provide information on value:

• Net new users
• Net Promoter Score (NPS)
• Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs)
• Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs)
• Cost Per Lead (CPL)
• Pipeline velocity
• Closed/win rates
• Return on marketing investment (ROMI)
• Customer acquisition costs (CAC)
• Return on Investment (ROI)

How Does B2B Analytics Grow Your Business?

B2B marketing analytics provides insights into your marketing performance. Collect data (email open rates, website visitor data) from your marketing channels and activities to produce intelligent reports that can help your marketing campaigns be more effective, help you get more value from each marketing dollar spent, and ultimately help you boost revenue and improve customer loyalty.

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