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Paid Search Management

Accessing the Critical Moment with Overdrive SEM

What is the critical moment? The critical moment is the exact instant when a consumer is searching for what you sell on their most personal devices. It’s where new customers can be rapidly acquired and current customers can be retained when they are thinking about leaving. It is where your brand must be found, which is at the top of the page at all times.

Overdrive search engine marketing (SEM) enables our clients to identify and own the most profitable critical moments that happen in search engines every day. We zero in on the right search terms that dominate and get people to convert when we capture their attention. Our end-to-end SEM programs help our clients grow their pipelines and bottom lines through the power and immediacy of paid search.

End-to-End Paid Search Management and Optimization

Our paid search managers optimize every step in an SEM program by testing, tracking, and analyzing all the components that contribute to the program’s success. Our focus goes well beyond simple keyword selection, bidding, and tracking. We create all the components needed to deploy a profitable paid search program and analyze the whole path to success. From offers, keyword ads, and display retargeting through landing page testing, post conversion tracking and ROI reporting, we make, manage, and optimize them all.

SEM and Conversation Rate Optimization (CRO)

A paid search program’s success is dependent on your keyword ad copy and, of course, your landing pages. Clicks are only as good as your website’s ability to convert. So a search is also about what you say to people when they are looking for what you sell. It’s about capturing consumers’ immediate wants needs and telling them exactly what they need to hear so that they engage and buy from you.

AdWords, Product Listing Ads, Click-to-Call, Retargeting and More

Search has become essential to consumers for both their personal and professional lives and they use it across devices, media, and scenarios. Search is literally available everywhere at every moment. There’s desktop search, mobile search, local search, shopping search, video search, voice search, click to call, retargeting, mobile retail location tracking, and so much more. Overdrive helps our clients gain competitive advantage by leveraging all the tools and technologies available within the SEM ecosystem across all the search engines and devices.

Campaign Tracking, Reporting, and Optimizing

Real-time tracking of click and conversion results from SEM are essential to success. It is literally how you keep your eye on the SEM ball. Proper reporting can translate into tremendous savings by minimizing wasteful spending on non-performing terms and landing pages and allowing our clients to focus their funds on what really works. We provide our clients with comprehensive reports that are easy to review and understand and that yield actionable insights. We also audit your tracking and reporting to make sure you’re positioned for success with the right metrics and dashboards.

1001 SEM and Digital Marketing Tasks

Managing SEM campaigns requires a wide variety of skills and technologies. Overdrive clients get a team that can provide the countless digital marketing tasks no single SEM person or department could provide without a full digital agency of creative, content, and tech people behind them.Our SEM programs allow clients to instantly tap into services that include but are certainly not limited to:

  • Strategic search and media consulting and planning
  • Keyword selection and grouping
  • Offer and ad text development
  • Search account configuration and campaign setup
  • Product Listing Ad (PLA) feed setup, management, and optimization
  • Video and YouTube ad management
  • Retargeting and display advertising
  • Landing page development and testing
  • Tracking and reporting setup and configuration
  • AdWords and Google Analytics integration and management
  • Google Tag Manager (GTM) implementation and management
  • Click-to-call and pay-per-call advertising
  • Retail and mobile tracking
  • Media and SEO integration
  • Attribution modeling and AdServer management (Dart)
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