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Full-Funnel Attribution

Unlike lower-funnel attribution, full-funnel attribution incorporates impressions and assisted clicks in a conversion. It looks at the full path to conversion and does not just focus on the last touch point (i.e. click).

With full-funnel attribution, credit may be given to a media tactic that may not have delivered a high volume of direct click conversions, but delivered a measurable impact on branding and sales during the purchase consideration phase.

In the example above, a marketer is using paid search, email and display for a campaign. Looking at the full path to conversion, the last media channel the consumer interacted with before converting was paid search (this was done by clicking on a paid search ad after a search query). However, the consumer has also seen a display banner and read an email prior to the search query. Therefore, while paid search gets the majority of the credit for the conversion, display and email will get partial credit for assisting the conversion.

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