Quick Start Marketing Automation Seminar – Video & Slides

By now, most organizations have taken the first step in marketing automation, acquiring an enterprise class marketing automation system, such as Act-On, Eloqua, Marketo, Aprimo, or Pardot. However, very few organizations are actually taking advantage of the rich features these platforms offer. So while marketers aspire to leverage triggered events to launch timely and customized nurture campaigns, the majority of the outbound email from the systems is the same old batch and blast email programs of the past. Many are stuck figuring out where to start. This recorded seminar will teach you the approach to quickly launch marketing automation nurture campaigns without getting bogged down by overthinking the process.

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Overdrive Quick Start Marketing Automation Seminar Video and Slides
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You will learn:

  • The possible ROI of great nurture programs.
  • The components of marketing automation campaigns that go beyond email.
  • How to visualize and plan triggered events and nurture programs.
  • Tips and best practices to boost ROI.
  • Blending nurture with customized site calls-to-action and media based retargeting.

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