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Social Media Marketing Services

Boost Sales and Revenue with Social Media Marketing Services

With the meteoric rise of social media, social media marketing services have inevitably become a central part of the marketing mix for organizations large and small. While social media marketing was once considered a nice “extra” to more traditional forms of marketing, today it is consuming an ever-greater amount of the marketing budget.

However, simply allocating a bigger piece of the budgetary pie for social media won’t guarantee results. Social media and the billions of platform users are quickly and constantly evolving, and your social media marketing strategy must evolve and adapt as well if you want to see positive return on your investment in B2C or B2B social media marketing.

Social Media Map

The latest Social Media Map from Overdrive provides a snapshot of the evolving social media marketing landscape. View the map online or download it as a PDF with live links to more than 471 sites, apps, and tools broken down into 25 categories.

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Enhance Your Social Media Marketing Services with Overdrive

As a leading digital advertising agency, Overdrive provides expert guidance, strategy, execution, and social media marketing services that help our clients produce never-ending streams of social content, embedding their brands in the social platforms where their audiences are congregating and sharing.

Successful social media campaigns are multi-faceted efforts built on a complex mix of strategies and tactics, yet few organizations have the in-house resources to manage all aspects of a social campaign. Overdrive social media specialists provide comprehensive services that complement our clients’ internal capabilities and provide the bandwidth they need to mount successful campaigns. Unlike Facebook marketing firms or agencies that specialize only in social media, we offer comprehensive services that allow your social media marketing services to work in concert with SEO, SEM, website development, content marketing, and lead generation programs.

Overdrive offers social media marketing services for both organic and paid social campaigns.

Marketing Minute Video: The Power of the Social Media Share – Going Viral

When it comes to social media marketing, everybody thinks about getting the Like, or how many Facebook Fans they have. But, social media marketing is not about the Like or the Fan, it’s about the SHARE! Watch Harry J. Gold, CEO of Overdrive, explain the power of the Share!

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Overdrive’s Social Media Marketing Services

Managing a brand’s social presence requires an end-to-end strategic plan that encapsulates everything from content creation, to measurement, to everyday management. Overdrive ‘s social media marketing services include:

  • Social planning and strategy. Overdrive helps organizations define goals, develop strategies, and determine tactics to create a cohesive and compliant social media plan. This includes identifying audience segments and the social platforms that will best target them, determining the content and offers that will best engage them, and planning for end-to-end channel design to maximize engagement and ROI.
  • Social channel development. Overdrive helps clients create social profiles optimized with features and content that provide an immersive brand experience and engage users more effectively. Channel development includes copy and social page designs that drive engagement while integrating SEO best practices
  • Social content development. Compelling content is the key to building engagement and creating a loyal fan base. Overdrive excels at developing social posts, social stories, articles, videos, infographics and other content that is considered relevant and useful, and that target audiences will want to consume and share.
  • Social promotions and contests. Overdrive assists in development of promotions and contests that can boost engagement, build email lists, and help content go viral. Examples include gear giveaways, like-to-win and share-to-enter sweepstakes, caption contests, best comment competitions, photo and essay contests, referral promotions, and coupon giveaways.
  • Social media tracking and reporting. To measure and report on results, Overdrive developed Social Eye, an end-to-and social tracking and reporting platform. Our team works with our clients to identify metrics and establish KPIs before campaigns begin to ensure an accurate measurement of metrics. Critical metrics include: number of connections (fans, followers, likes) and number of actions/engagement (comments, shares, retweets), and page reach/impressions.
  • Social channel and profile maintenance. Getting a brand social profile up and running is a heavy endeavor but also maintaining channels and social profiles on an ongoing basis requires constant attention and creativity. Our team internalizes your brand, products, category, and customers so they can respond, post, and create streams of content that will keep audiences engaged.
  • Follower and fan acquisition. In order to increase the size of your social audience, Overdrive develops an acquisition strategy based on a clear understanding of who your audience is and why they would want to follow you. We identify the influencers you should follow/fan to get them to follow you back. We also integrate fan-building CTAs into digital marketing campaigns, and we tag niche market publications, sponsors, partners, and tradeshow pages in organic posts. Finally, we help you execute follower/fan acquisition campaigns with paid advertising support.

14 B2B Social Media Marketing Tactics That Work

Get your priorities straight for B2B social media marketing success. Our 14 tactics along with examples, tools and resources will help marketers activate social communities and get more leads.

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Paid Social Media Marketing Services

While organic social was once highly effective for businesses, today it’s difficult to reach even 5% of your audience with organic content – the competition for user attention is simply too great. Paid social campaigns deliver much greater results and, with highly targeted campaigns, can be one of the most efficient and cost-effective ways to reach your audience.

Paid social includes boosts (where you add a budget to amplify one of your existing organic posts) and paid ads (where you design and place an ad using more advanced tools for customization). Paid social can help you achieve specific objectives like increasing follower growth, engagement, or clicks. These campaigns can exist solely on social media or integrate with larger digital or offline campaigns.

Paid social campaigns include many of Overdrive’s regular social media marketing services, plus additional services that include:

  • Planning campaigns (steady-state and tent pole) to develop a paid strategy, media plan, and content direction.
  • Identifying campaign goals and objectives such as increasing follower growth, traffic, or engagement.
  • Targeting and researching audiences to better understand how to effectively reach and engage them.
  • Making budget recommendations to maximize results in the most effective way possible
  • Identifying media opportunities that will satisfy campaign objectives and determining for example, whether Instagram, Twitter or Facebook paid advertising that will reach audiences most effectively.
  • Optimizing ad management tools to maximize the impact of each advertising dollar.
  • Providing creative services (copy and design) to develop posts and ads that will appeal to audiences and maximize engagement.
  • Conducting A/B tests to continually refine performance.
  • Reporting on results to measure success and revise strategy for future campaigns.


What are social media marketing services?

Social media marketing services are outreach, content creation, and outreach services offered by digital marketing agencies for creating and promoting social media posts and content. These services can include anything from content creation, content planning, scheduling, automated posting, social outreach, profile creation, brand management, and communications.

How do you use social media marketing?

Social media marketing services are used for developing lasting connections with your audience by sharing, communicating, and promoting your business through the platforms. Good social media marketing is going to give your business a unique voice through the social platforms and boost your connections with existing users.

What social media platforms should you use?

You should make use of all available social media platforms in order to maximize the reach of your brand. This includes Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and any other platform that gets significant traffic from the audience you want to reach.

How does social media build on good SEO?

Good SEO such as well optimized meta data, keyword optimization, and good website design will help your site rank well for your target keywords and help Google understand the content on your site. When you pair good SEO with good social media, it means your content is easily sharable and discoverable by your audience and can make a significant impact on your growth.

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