Gear Web Development Toward Capture

We’ve talked about search engine marketing tactics that can rev up the Drive component of the Drive->Capture->Convert->Optimize (DCCO) process. Once visitors have been driven to your site, what do they do when they get there? This is where a strong web development effort is crucial. Done right, web development delivers a satisfying experience to the user and also fulfills your online marketing objectives by funneling visitors toward lead capture and ultimately sales.

Drive Capture Convert Optimize

Effective Capture depends on all the main facets of web development, including site architecting, copywriting, and back-end systems implementation. As an integrated digital agency offering end-to-end web development services, Overdrive Interactive provides clients with all they need to seize lead capture opportunities — ranging from conversion-oriented copywriting to helping clients choose, deploy, and get the most value from lead tracking and nurturing technologies.

Let’s look more closely at an aspect of web development that’s absolutely critical to the Capture phase of DCCO: the development of landing pages.

A Key Web Development Deliverable: Landing Pages That Work

Too often, companies do the heavy lifting of driving traffic to their site through online media and paid search campaigns, only to under-perform on lead capture due to poor quality landing pages. The difference an effective landing page can make is striking: in our experience, we’ve seen capture rates increase as much as 10-fold when our web development team has built new landing pages to replace customers’ existing pages.

Here are a few best practices to follow to ensure that your landing pages are capturing all the leads they can:

  • Make sure your landing pages efficiently deliver on the promise made to visitors in the online ad that got them to click through. Don’t frustrate prospective customers by baiting and switching or by burying what they want in superfluous copy.
  • Sell the action, not the product. Landing page copy should focus on selling the lead-generating action (such as downloading a whitepaper), and leave the selling of the product to your sales team.
  • Test, then test some more. A/B and multivariate testing can provide valuable insight into the effectiveness of alternative landing pages. Take advantage of these methodologies.
  • Socialize your landing pages so that visitors can easily share them with friends. An experienced social media marketing agency like Overdrive can show you how best to do this.
  • Many visitors won’t take the lead capture action that you want them to, at least on their first visit. Have your web development team build landing pages that facilitate retargeting, where you set a cookie on visitors’ browsers and then you can serve ads to them as they surf sites within the retargeting network. The right ad messaging might get those visitors back to your site again and give you another chance at capture.

Web Development Maximizes Capture. And Then What?

Now, you’ve got the web development just right and you’re doing well at capturing leads. Next, it’s time to convert those leads using tools such as email marketing.