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Drive Performance and ROI with Overdrive Paid Search Management

While search engine marketing (SEM) is one of the most effective and cost-efficient ways to reach potential buyers, managing paid search campaigns can quickly become a burden on in-house marketing teams. The sheer volume of tasks involved in planning, executing, optimizing, and reporting on paid search engine marketing campaigns can be overwhelming, and the need to constantly monitor and revise campaigns to stay competitive can consume a disproportionate amount of time and resources.

Overdrive, a leading full-service digital marketing/PPC agency, provides advanced paid search management capabilities that add expertise and bandwidth to internal resources and help your search marketing team to deliver superior performance while increasing return on your paid search budgets.

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Paid Search Management Services from Overdrive

With two decades of experience in search management for hundreds of leading brands and Fortune 500 companies, our team has the experience, insight, and expertise to transform struggling paid search campaigns into high-performing lead generation and conversion vehicles. Our end-to-end services cover all aspects of search management and enable marketing teams to add strategic gravitas and hands-on help wherever it’s needed.

Our search management services include:

  • Strategy and planning. Our team knows search management and best practices inside and out. We can consult on a strategic approach to paid search campaigns, help to select and group keywords, identify the most promising offers and calls-to-action, and help to develop the messaging that will inform ad text and landing page copy.
  • Execution and management. From setting up search accounts, ad groups, and campaigns to managing video, YouTube, retargeting, and display advertising, we can provide any level of assistance required to get campaigns off the ground and keep them running smoothly.
  • Tracking, reporting, and optimizing. We help design tests for each component of a search marketing campaign – ads, landing pages, copy, offers, calls-to-action, and more – and define the metrics to measure success. We implement and manage tags and configure attribution models, and we set up and configure tracking and reporting tools to constantly deliver actionable insight on campaign performance. Armed with data, we help to optimize keywords, ads, landing pages, and targeting to increase clicks and conversions while minimizing cost.

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Strategies for Enhancing Paid Search Management

When working with Overdrive, you’ll gain access to the collective wisdom and experience of a team of highly successful search strategists and paid search optimization specialists. Some of our most effective strategies for improving search performance include:

  • Mapping customer search behavior to each stage of the buying journey. Too often, organizations treat all prospects as equals, delivering a homogenous search experience for every potential buyer no matter where they are in their customer journey. By relying on granular segmentation and rich buying personas, we develop search campaigns with messaging that addresses the needs, intentions, and mindset of buyers at multiple stages of the funnel to more effectively engage them and lead them toward conversion.
  • Targeting users more narrowly. One of the most effective aspects of paid search is the ability to target users by demographics, geography, past behavior and even the time/day of their search and the device they are using. By more narrowly defining target audiences, we help to deliver greater performance while minimizing cost-per-click and cost-per-conversion.
  • Incorporate remarketing. Remarketing lets you keep your brand, message, and offers in front of potential buyers as they surf the web after initially visiting your website. By delivering ads to users that you know have already shown interest
  • Connect to the right landing page. One of the biggest mistakes that paid search campaigns make is having all ads point to the same landing page, regardless of keywords, content, or user intent. Once you’ve encouraged a user to click on an ad, the landing page must be customized with copy, visuals, video, offers, and calls-to-action that are uniquely tailored to the user’s expectation, interest, needs, and intent. Confusing, vague, or unrelated content will more likely result in a frustrated user than a new conversion.
  • Bid on your brand. Many companies feel that bidding on keywords related to their company name or branded products is unnecessary and wasteful, as the search is likely to deliver strong organic search results. But when users search on your branded keywords, they’re looking specifically for you, providing you with a remarkable opportunity to seal the deal. Bidding on your brand enables you to deliver ads that can more effectively target users and deliver them to a customized landing page, while also dominating the search engine results page and preventing competitors from sneaking in and stealing clicks.

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What is paid search management?

Paid search management includes the tasks of planning, configuring, executing, reporting on, and optimizing paid search engine marketing campaigns. While the elements of search campaigns are fairly straightforward – including ads, keywords, and landing pages – the complexity of managing hundreds or thousands of keywords and the daily time commitment required to keep search campaigns competitive can make search management a difficult task for an in-house marketing team. Many organizations turn to third-party search management firms like Overdrive to help with specific parts of campaigns or to handle all aspects of search management.

What are paid search results?

Paid search results are the ads that appear on a search engine results page (SERP), typically at the top, bottom, and right margin. Because each SERP can only list a few ads per page, advertisers place bids on specific keywords for which they want their ads to appear. Paid search results are determined by a combination of the highest bid and the most relevant content in ads and landing pages.

How do you optimize your paid search results?

Optimizing paid search results is a process that includes testing elements of a paid search campaign and analyzing performance data to determine which components are performing well and which need to be revised. To optimize paid search results, advertisers can adjust their keyword selection, match types, bid amounts and budgets, text in ads and landing pages, offers and calls-to-action, and targeting of prospects based on demographics, past behavior, geography, time/day, and device.

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