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Close More Deals with the Right ABM Strategy

While Account Based Marketing (ABM) has become an essential ingredient of marketing initiatives for business, an insightful ABM strategy makes all the difference between ABM campaigns that consistently produce results and those that come up short.

For CMOs seeking a partner to help develop a highly effective ABM strategy, Overdrive Interactive delivers insight and expertise along with comprehensive ABM solutions that focus tactics and resources on those audiences most likely to respond and buy.

Always-On Account-Based Marketing – Webinar Slides & Video

Discover the essential tactics of an always-on ABM program that truly scales to consistently put your brand and offers in front of the people at the companies you want to do business with. The webinar helps marketers focus their efforts and media investments on generating leads and opportunities their sales team will love.

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Seven Steps to a Successful

At Overdrive, developing an effective ABM strategy includes seven essential steps:

  1. Identifying target accounts. Using input from sales and/or predictive modeling, we can identify the accounts (and roles or titles within them) who are most likely to actually convert. Overdrive digs into the data and avoid simply choosing accounts that are assumed to be viable by sales.
  2. Developing a deep library of relevant content for offers to support your campaign, we make sure you have offers for buyers of all mindsets (e.g., buyers who evaluate on value and economics versus buyers who are more interested in the technical data sheet).
  3. Selecting the channels and tactics that will help you reach your accounts most effectively. These may include email and direct mail drip campaigns, programmatic display advertising, paid social advertising, paid search, real-time web personalization, and other tactics.
  4. Mapping content to channels and the customer journey, making sure that the content you’ve developed and selected is most appropriate for each channel and for the buyer’s mindset at each stage of their journey.
  5. Scheduling your campaign to sequence your offers and touchpoints to most effectively move your targeted accounts through the sales funnel.
  6. Establishing alerts and triggers based on engagement, responses, or web visits by target accounts that will initiate the next step in your ABM strategy such as an email or a call from sales.
  7. Establishing quantitative goals and metrics that will drive your testing and measurement to optimize ABM strategy and campaign execution.

4-Pronged ABM Approach

Overdrive’s ABM programs are broken into four essential buckets of activity performed by a multi-faceted team of digital experts who can get the whole job done. Together, they help our clients create a complete ABM machine that feeds your salespeople with qualified leads and escalate those leads into sales.

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Effective Tactics for ABM Strategy

With a deep experience of developing ABM strategies for dozens of enterprise clients, your Overdrive ABM team brings a wealth of expertise and insights of the most effective tactics for ABM campaigns. As you develop your ABM strategy, you may include proven tactics such as:

  • Creating prospect-specific offers that are highly relevant and personalized for individual accounts and/or the titles and roles within them that you are trying to nurture.
  • Developing offers that lead to personal meetings. Offering a free evaluation, scheduling a demo, or walking through a personalized report may all lead to a non-digital relationship with important prospects.
  • Using retargeting to stay in front of prospects as they search the Internet.
  • Including positive mentions of your target accounts within your blog posts, to build goodwill and to draw their attention based on alerts they have created to monitor such mentions.
  • Personalizing pages and landing pages on your website with custom copy, images, offers, and forms that are highly relevant for your target account.
  • Monitoring social channels to better understand your prospects’ needs and what they care about, and to engage with them in a medium that offers more opportunities for personal contact.
  • Looking for connections to target accounts through employees who aren’t in sales – for example, people who may have met at an industry event, went to school together or have collaborated on a project. These more neutral parties can be instrumental in making introductions and opening doors.
  • Creating highly valuable custom content or free tools that deliver essential insight or help prospects solve a problem.

"For ABM to work, it must be an always-on program." Harry J. Gold, CEO, Overdrive Interactive

Develop a Winning ABM Strategy with Overdrive

Overdrive Interactive, a leading digital marketing and B2B lead generation agency, provides steady-state ABM strategy and programs that keep your content, offers, products, and CTAs in front of the right audiences in the right places at the right times.

Our ABM strategy services include:

  • Developing target ABM prospect lists based on research, interviews, Salesforce and house lists, third-party data, and other sources.
  • Recommending tactics that will rapidly escalate leads to sales, focusing especially on the middle of the funnel where ABM prospects too often get stuck.
  • Creating media plans that ensure your messaging and offers will stay constantly in front of your highly targeted prospects.
  • Designing automated nurture campaigns, including email drip campaigns and triggered web content, direct mail, clutter busters, events, and sales team alerts.
  • Defining metrics for your campaign that will drive your optimization efforts as well as lead scoring, dashboard design, and reporting.
  • Integrating your IT stack to make sure sales and marcom technology can communicate seamlessly and that sales and marketing personnel are receiving timely engagement alerts, sales intelligence, and intent data.

ABM Partners and Technologies

Our experts help our clients choose, integrate, and maintain the right ABM media and technology solutions based on their needs, legacy marcom stack, and budget.


What is an ABM Strategy?

An ABM Strategy is a marketing strategy that addresses a more specific targeted audience and industry, and as such, can use more relevant communications and specific offers. This is opposed to a traditional marketing strategy which needs to keep its communications understandable to the general public. When only marketing to doctors, for example, you can use insider medical terminology in your messaging.

What are the Most Important Steps in Creating an ABM Strategy?

When creating an ABM strategy, one of the most important steps is to know your audience and know your industry. Since your marketing is going to be targeted and specific, you have an opportunity to use esoteric language and offers in your communication.

It is also key to make sure you follow through with your ABM campaign, rather than letting the process end after a conversion has been counted. Take advantage of the communication by following through with other targeted offers and next steps.

How Does an ABM Strategy Grow Your Business?

An effective ABM strategy is designed to develop long lasting client relationships. The value of this marketing strategy isn’t only from the conversions and sales generated, but also by your audience’s realization of the dedication displayed of going the extra mile to truly understand their industry. This means you gain authority and trust in your industry of expertise, therefore you can gain referrals, recommendations, and contacts in a much more organic way.

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