Online Media Planning and Buying

Digital Media Management for Digital First Marketing

Never have people interacted so completely with a form of media as they do with digital media. It’s on all devices, all around us all the time in an endless variety of ad units. It can blend your brand into everyday activities that get people’s undivided attention and put your products in front of people precisely when they are ready to buy and need your information.

Overdrive’s online media buying team enables our clients to leverage digital media’s power and ubiquity. We launch and manage campaigns that are grounded in our clients’ brand strategies but designed to drive measurable actions and ROI. Our campaigns provide the targeted aircover that builds your brand AND the direct response pathways that lead buyers to your door.

Unprecedented Accuracy and Timeliness

Every day, we have the ability to target with more accuracy and greater timeliness. Overdrive’s digital media team allows marketers to leverage the latest proven tools and technologies to surgically reach the right people with unprecedented levels of accuracy and efficiency.

Our online media plans reach into life stages, buying and business cycles, and behavioral moments that provide immediate results, long-term ROI, and marketing intelligence that facilitates continual improvement. Our online advertising programs put your brand, products and services – as well as immediate contact and conversion opportunities – just a click (or click-to-call) away from potential customers.

Overdrive’s Online Media Management Process: Treating Your Money Like Our Own

No one should ever just report on “what happened” after your money was spent. The idea is to spend it wisely with a great plan and surgical media management that treats your money for what it is – real money. We know that once the budget is gone, it’s gone. There are no re-dos or second chances when the quarter is over. And when the campaign is over, it should always be informing the next campaign in terms of where to focus your media investments and what creative is working.

Online media management is a never-ending cycle of proactive optimization. A campaign should be optimized to minimize waste and maximize success throughout its entire flight – from the first impression through its last conversion. That is what we do every day for our media clients.

Every Great Online Media Campaign Starts with a Plan

Overdrive’s online media buying team develops online media plans that are grounded in branding strategy yet laser-focused on encouraging actions that drive revenue. We help clients initiate contact with prospective customers during the most opportune times in their consumer lives. Our online media plans provide immediate measurable results, ROI, and marketing intelligence. Get in touch and we can show you what a truly end-to-end digital media plan should look like.

Branding, E-commerce, Lead Generation, Channel Support

Whether your goal is to establish a brand with mass reach, programmatically targeted CPM deals or create direct lead generation and sales channels using pay-for-performance contracts, our online team has the methodology to negotiate the most favorable terms for your business in relation to costs, performance, placement, and cancellation of non-performing placements.

Display Ad Trafficking and Serving

Managing the logistics of an online media campaign is complex. There can be literally dozens of different units with several creative versions and phases all going out to a variety of online properties. Tracking, reporting, and optimization are essential but add further complexity. Overdrive’s online media team has the experience and banner-serving technology to deploy turnkey online media campaigns and to handle the daily tasks associated with their operation and optimization, allowing clients to focus on their own business.

Campaign Tracking, Reporting and Optimizing

Real-time tracking of click and conversion results from email, paid search, and online media campaigns are essential to online success. It can translate into tremendous savings by minimizing wasteful spending on non-performing impressions and placements. And it can boost ROI by focusing funds on successful placements. Overdrive’s serving and tracking technology are the best available and generate easy-to-read reports that can display short-term, mid-term and long-term campaign results with minimal set-up. Add this to our rapid trafficking procedures and aggressive media cancellation clauses and our team has the ability to help an organization discover viable online marketing channels with a minimum amount of time and waste.

Online and Offline Media Convergence

Now more than ever, online media properties are combining their products and offering more powerful multi-platform packages that create increased branding power and buying efficiencies. Though our central focus is with online media, our media buying team always remains on the lookout for convergence possibilities. We can take advantage of opportunities across a media property’s entire spectrum of outreach vehicles including website placements, email, direct mail, print, event sponsorships, broadcast, and more. There are no limits to what Overdrive can plan, buy, and deploy.

Platforms That Give You an Edge and Early Wins

Along with a team of unrivaled online media experts, Overdrive brings a ready-made digital media marcom stack of enterprise class tools and media platforms to the table. This helps us establish an instant winning edge in terms of visibility and securing early wins that move the needle.

1001 Digital Marketing Skills at Your Command

Digital marketing and media management today require a kaleidoscopic array of skills and technologies. Overdrive clients get a team that can provide the countless digital marketing tasks no single person or department could provide without a full digital agency of creative, content, and tech people behind them. Our teams complement our clients’ resident capabilities and help them overcome their internal bandwidth constraints.

Our digital media planning, buying, and management expertise allow clients to instantly tap into services that include:

  • Strategic media planning and consulting
  • Customer, category, and keyword research
  • Media marcom stack deployment (ad serving, tracking, CRM integration, etc.)
  • DoubleClick Partner support
  • Competitive benchmarking and analysis
  • Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager audits and management
  • Paid social advertising (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.)
  • Programmatic
  • Premium display
  • Native
  • White paper and content syndication
  • ABM advertising
  • Video advertising
  • YouTube Advertising
  • ROI tracking, reporting, and analysis
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