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Boost Marketing Results with ABM Campaigns

Account Based Marketing campaigns, or ABM campaigns, have become a central part of B2B marketing for organizations of every size, thanks to the proven results and increased ROI they offer. But crafting a successful strategy and executing a complex ABM campaign requires a level of expertise that may be beyond the capabilities of your internal marketing team.

When you’re ready to add ABM campaigns to your marketing mix, Overdrive Interactive has the right ABM strategy and services to augment your in-house capabilities and help you target and engage your best accounts with ABM solutions and tactics that deliver greater results.

Always-On Account-Based Marketing – Webinar Slides & Video

Discover the essential tactics of an always-on ABM program that truly scales to consistently put your brand and offers in front of the people at the companies you want to do business with. The webinar helps marketers focus their efforts and media investments on generating leads and opportunities their sales team will love.

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Core Competencies

Our capabilities provide you with the 1001 marketing tasks your enterprise needs to launch high-powered marketing programs that last and yield measurable insights you can take to the bank. Our teams blend the critical talents of modern marketing into a single agile and global solution.

The Seven Steps to Successful ABM Campaigns

At Overdrive, we build effective ABM campaigns using these seven steps:

  1. Discovering your high-value accounts. We say “discovering” because often our clients think they know who their most valuable accounts are, only to find out that the data proves otherwise. Using a variety of research, data analytics, and account identification technology, we can help you develop an accurate list of companies who are most likely to become customers.
  2. Identifying contacts, roles, and titles. Once accounts are chosen, you’ll need to determine how buying decisions are made, identify who the decision-makers and influencers are, and develop a list of specific contacts, roles, and titles within each account.
  3. Personalizing messaging for each step in the customer journey. In addition to personalizing messaging for each account and contact, it’s important to map the right content for each contact during each stage in their buying journey – from casual interest to the verge of conversion.
  4. Developing high-value content. ABM campaigns require content that prospects will view as helpful and valuable. When launching an ABM campaign, you’ll need to identify or develop a deep library of content that speaks to the needs and the mindset of each potential buyer.
  5. Selecting the most effective channels. We identify the channels that will reach each segment of your audience most effectively – different roles and industries may need to be targeted with different channels and tactics.
  6. Executing coordinated campaigns. ABM campaigns require a tight alignment between sales and marketing to ensure that messaging is consistent across all touchpoints and that each prospect believes your company truly understands their needs.
  7. Measuring and optimization. Analytics and reports can not only help you improve the effectiveness of your ABM campaigns, but demonstrate the value of your efforts to the C-suite. Be sure to include qualitative metrics in addition to quantitative metrics – ABM campaigns are about developing quality relationships after all.

4-Pronged Overdrive ABM Approach

See the 4 steps that Overdrive Interactive uses to ensure success in our clients’ Account-Based Marketing programs. With an explanation for each stop along the way, this ABM infographic will show you the critical components companies need to succeed using a steady state ABM program.

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The Role of High-Value, Personalized Content in ABM Campaigns

ABM campaigns are designed to build trust with key accounts. That means the content you share with them must be personalized for their pain points and business objectives. Generic, one-size-fits-all content marketing won’t cut it. Content must be customized not only for different audience segments, pain points, needs, and history of engagement, but for each step in the potential buyer’s journey as well. Everything from themes and copy to offers and CTAs can be personalized to address the current mindset of each prospect.

High-value personalized content for ABM campaigns may include:

  • Email and drip campaigns
  • Web pages and landing pages
  • Direct mail
  • Social media
  • Digital advertising
  • Webinars
  • eBooks, white papers, infographics, guides, and other downloadable content
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Launching ABM campaigns with Overdrive Interactive

As a fully integrated digital marketing agency, Overdrive Interactive has developed a surgical approach to ABM campaigns that provides clients with the power to focus resources and tactics on the audiences who are most likely to respond and buy. To augment your internal resources, we provide comprehensive services to help you design, execute, manage, and optimize highly successful ABM campaigns.

We offer:

  • A full-funnel approach that optimizes the entire customer journey, with special attention to the middle of the funnel where prospects often get stuck.
  • Scalable ABM campaigns with the resources and accuracy to maintain mindshare with the critical prospects your sales force may not be able to tend to as your ABM efforts scale up.
  • Technology integration to make sure the APIs in your sales and marcom tech stacks are connected and that the systems are linked to provide both sales and marketing with the timely intelligence they need to convert more prospects.
  • Audience development, including a wide range of tactics for collecting, refining, and segmenting audience data to develop highly focused ABM lists.
  • Media planning, with strategies that keep ads, offers, and brand messaging in front of your highly targeted lists.
  • Automated nurture and marketing initiatives, including drip/nurture email marketing, high-value offer and content development, triggered events adaptive web content, triggered direct mail, social connections, and more.
  • Optimization based on analytics, accountability, and actionable insights that provide ongoing program improvement.

ABM Partners and Technologies

Our experts help our clients choose, integrate, and maintain the right ABM media and technology solutions based on their needs, legacy marcom stack, and budget.

FAQs: ABM Campaigns

What is an ABM campaign?

An ABM campaign is a type of B2B marketing strategy that concentrates its efforts on a clearly defined set of accounts within a target market. The key focuses of an ABM campaign are sales and a custom-made set of metrics for each of their accounts.

The obvious benefits of an ABM campaign are personalized and optimized communication with your sales leads, which translates into a much stronger ROI for your marketing efforts.

How does an ABM campaign fit into an overall marketing campaign?

An overall marketing campaign is designed to spread the word about a product or service. It must be appealing to a wide variety of audiences across a variety of mediums such as digital, email, print, or even TV. ABM campaigns, on the other hand, can exist within marketing campaigns as very targeted efforts. Because you know your ideal audience, and how you’re going to reach them, you can tailor your messaging to be more pointed and relevant to a specific voice.

How Much Time Should Do You Dedicate To Your ABM Efforts?

You should spend enough time on your ABM campaign to clearly define all the channels you’re reaching out to and personalize all the messaging going out for each of your accounts. While this may be a longer process, spending more time and concentrated effort in the creation of the campaign means that the result of your messages will be clear, consistent, and paint a cohesive picture.

How Do You Measure Your ABM Campaign?

You can measure your ABM campaign effectiveness with concrete metrics such as views, clicks, conversions, time on page, bounce rate, or any other metrics that are valuable to your clients. These metrics not only tell you how well your campaign is performing, but provide insight into the pain points in the process where you can optimize even further.

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