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Improve Your Marketing with the Right ABM Solutions

Account Based Marketing (ABM) is an extremely effective way to focus your efforts on people who can actually buy what you sell. In a recent survey of B2B marketers, more than four out of five respondents reported that ABM solutions were among their highest performing campaigns in terms of ROI.

Overdrive has the right ABM solutions allowing you to target and engage potential clients using the right  ABM strategy for your organizations Account Based Marketing programs.

What are ABM solutions ?

Account Based Marketing seeks to increase sales by targeting top accounts with highly personal communication directed at key decision-makers and buying teams. Where general marketing campaigns cast a wide net, ABM solutions focus narrowly on select accounts and on building relationships with individuals within those accounts.

What are the benefits of data driven ABM solutions?

ABM solutions provide:

  • Successful results. Because of the data driven marketing segmentation of a user’s personal and targeted nature of their activities, ABM campaigns frequently result in higher conversion rates than other elements of marketing strategy.
  • Accelerated sales cycles. Most buying decisions today are made by up to eight decision-makers. ABM solutions target all decision-makers simultaneously, moving them collectively through the funnel to speed the buying process.
  • Calculable ROI. While determining ROI for general marketing campaigns can be difficult, it’s fairly easy to determine ROI for ABM solutions because of their precise and narrow scope.
  • Alignment and collaboration. To implement ABM solutions, sales and marketing must work together to nurture prospects, improving communication and increasing efficiency.
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ABM Solutions: the Four Pillars of Success

Implementing ABM solutions involves four distinct steps:

  • Identifying your audience. Finding the businesses and individuals that are most likely to buy what you’re selling is the foundation of all ABM campaigns.
  • Reaching the right people. ABM solutions must deliver always-on communication that keeps messaging and offers in front of your targeted contacts at all times.
  • Increasing engagement. Steadily moving prospects through the funnel with compelling offers and persuasive content is critical to ABM solutions.
  • Optimizing efforts. Measuring results and calculating ROI for your ABM solutions is essential to refining your efforts to produce even greater results.
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Core Competencies

Our capabilities provide you with the 1001 marketing tasks your enterprise needs to launch high-powered marketing programs that last and yield measurable insights you can take to the bank. Our teams blend the critical talents of modern marketing into a single agile and global solution.

Three ABM Solutions for Identifying Targets

The most challenging part of implementing Account Based Marketing is identifying your most valuable accounts. Frequently, sales teams will have a much different view than marketing teams on which businesses are most promising, making the task of identifying targets even harder.

Three of the most effective ways of determining target accounts include:

  • Selecting IP addresses. It’s easy to track the most frequent visitors to your website and determine the IP addresses of the companies they work for. You can then buy scrubbed lists of contacts for these companies from third-party providers to create ABM contact lists.
  • Focusing on intent. Intent data from a select list of companies can provide a pretty good idea of which accounts are likely to need the products and services you offer.
  • Using your own lists. Using data from Facebook, Twitter, or Google Custom Match, you can easily develop a targeted list of ABM contacts from your own internal email lists.

Changing Perspectives: How to Make ABM Solutions Work

Implementing ABM solutions requires a significant change in perspective for both sales and marketing teams.

  • Alignment is essential. Providing targeted accounts with highly personal messaging and offers requires sales, marketing, finance, IT and C-suite executives to all be on the same page when it comes to ABM solutions.
  • ABM is a new way of doing business. Account Based Marketing is successful everyone realizes that ABM solutions require a new way of thinking about sales and marketing – one where relationships with specific prospects are more important than one-off campaigns.
  • It’s all about the account. Because sales decisions are more often made by groups and individuals, ABM solutions require sales and marketing to focus on all decision-makers rather than individual leads.

ABM Solutions from Overdrive

As one of the premier advertising agencies in Boston, Overdrive serves leading businesses throughout the U.S. with comprehensive digital advertising services and ABM solutions. From SEO and SEM to media planning and marketing automation, we deliver the skills and services you need to maximize your digital marketing ROI.

Our ABM solutions include:

  • Always-on media campaigns that keep your content, offers, products and calls-to-action in front of the right audience.
  • Full-funnel attention that optimizes the entire customer journey, adding velocity to the middle of the funnel where prospects often get stuck and helping to convert promising leads already in your orbit.
  • Scalable and measurable ABM solutions that provide the horsepower and accuracy required to maintain mindshare with your most important prospects.
  • Sales and marcom stack integration to ensure that APIs are connected, fields are aligned, and systems are communicating in order to deliver the timely intelligence that sales reps need to close more deals.
  • Development of target audiences through interviews, research, acquisition of third-party data, segmentation of audiences and media, and nurture segment mapping.
  • Steady-state media campaigns that keep ads, offers, and brand messaging in front of highly targeted contacts.
  • Nurture and automation programs that include email drip/nurture campaigns, triggered events adaptive web content, triggered direct mail, sales team alerts, and more.
  • Measurable ROI and reporting that delivers sales intelligence and assures accountability with actionable insights for improving ABM solutions.
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