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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing: Reach Your Audience Where They Live

Once a virtual afterthought, social media marketing, is now one of the most important elements in any marketing program and a rapidly growing line item in every marketing budget.

Today, it’s not enough to exist on the different social platforms – social media marketing must be approached with a comprehensive strategy with established KPIs that closely align with overall brand goals. Social media users now exceed two billion worldwide. Succeeding in the world of social can make or break a company, whether a hyper-local business or a Fortune 500 company. Without a solid social media marketing strategy, it’s far too easy to overspend without reaching the right audience with the right message, or worse – produce poorly conceived or tone-deaf social media marketing content that does not reflect well on your company.

Looking for a social media marketing partner? Overdrive is ready to help create an engaging and sustaining social presence for your brand, with proven tactics that increase traffic, action, leads, and sales sourced from social platforms.

Social Media Map

The latest Social Media Map from Overdrive provides a snapshot of the evolving social media marketing landscape. View the map online or download it as a PDF with live links to more than 471 sites, apps, and tools broken down into 25 categories.

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Why Social Media Marketing Works

Social media marketing is a cost efficient, highly targeted way to reach audience members who not only interact daily on these platforms, but use them to self-identify their interests, job titles, and affinities. While tactics and goals differ depending on business type, here are five reasons you’ll want to add either B2C or B2B social media marketing to your marketing program:

  • Creativity shines. Creative content stands out on social. Social media gives brands the space to step outside the confines of sales-oriented, traditional marketing. This is a unique opportunity to humanize your brand through emotion, humor, and tone, while still driving brand awareness and sales.
  • It’s targeted. Paid advertising options let you segment audiences by demographics, location, interests, industries, and more.
  • It’s clickable. From profile to posts or campaigns such as LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms, it’s easy to embed CTAs throughout the social customer journey that prompt users to download, install, watch, or buy something.
  • Timing matters. Using Facebook Insights, Twitter Analytics, and other third-party monitoring tools, you can strategically schedule content to be published when your audience is most likely to see it.
  • It’s measurable. When it comes to organic posts, impressions, clicks, and engagement are good indicators of content that’s resonating with your audience. Paid social media marketing campaigns have additional metrics like CPC and CTR, with the ability to place a pixel on your site for action tracking. You can even A/B test your campaigns manually, or programmatically through the platform to drill into what works best for your audience segments.

Marketing Minute Video: The Power of the Social Media Share – Going Viral

When it comes to social media marketing, everybody thinks about getting the Like, or how many Facebook Fans they have. But, social media marketing is not about the Like or the Fan, it’s about the SHARE! Watch Harry J. Gold, CEO of Overdrive, explain the power of the Share!

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Eight Essential Social Media Marketing Tactics

When it comes to driving measurable, repeatable success on social media, there are some tactics that every brand should use as guiding principle.

Here are some of the most effective tactics for achieving social media marketing success:

  1. Infuse Social with SEO. Dominate social and search by maintaining a robust social presence full of fresh and interesting content infused with your target keywords. Often, Google will rank your social sites along with your homepage, enabling users to easily find your company across the web, and allowing you to monopolize Google’s first page for your brand name.
  2. Let headlines sell your content –create demand with actionable titles that include a target keyword for your thought leadership assets
  3. Keep content lightweight and shareable. Infographics, flow charts, and checklists can be easily consumed by people as they scan their social media newsfeeds.
  4. Make content portable. The most successful content should be easily emailed, shared, printed, optimized as the correct image size for a social post. Volumize this content by applying it to multiple mediums like social posts, landing pages, PDFs, etc.
  5. Make social media marketing videos viewable without sound. Most social sites will automatically play videos muted. Use captions, image-based offers, subtitles, and other imagery and text to grab the viewer’s attention instead.
  6. Activate your employees to produce thought leadership content and social expression. They are the experts about your company, after all. Reward them for blog posts or make social media marketing part of their job requirement.
  7. Know your keywords. Social media marketing and SEO are tightly integrated. Infuse your social media profiles and posts with the target terms and keywords that matter most.
  8. Be human. Social media marketing is the right place to show the human side of your company – that you not only offer great products, but employ dependable and affable people.

17 Ways to Integrate SEO & Social – Webinar Slides & Video

Today, both SEO and social media marketing can be far more successful if both channels are attached at the hip. In this webinar, we’ll show you 17 social and SEO integration tactics you can start using right away.

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Excel at Social Media Marketing with Overdrive

As a digital marketing and B2C/B2B agency, we understand that social media marketing isn’t just about occasional engagements using a Facebook marketing firm or single video posted to a branded channel on YouTube. Rather, it’s about creating a genuine and lasting presence where your content and brand are embedded in the places your audience interacts and shares. To reach your audience on social media, Overdrive creates rich streams of content that speak to your audience’s interests. Additionally, we track, measure, and report on all the metrics that matter.

Our social media marketing services include

  • Social planning & strategy
  • Social channel development
  • Social content development
  • Social promotions & contests
  • Social channel & profile maintenance
  • Follower & fan acquisition
  • Social media tracking and reporting
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