Cold-EEZE Brand Awareness Campaign

Cold-EEZE needed a way to increase their brand awareness throughout the digital space during the highly competitive cold and flu season to drive retail sales.

Overdrive proposed a recipe for digital success through an integrated digital campaign; leveraging mediums such as paid search, search engine optimization, social media marketing, content marketing, and e-mail marketing.


  • Website Redesign
  • Landing Page Development
  • Content Development
  • Infographic Social Program
  • Facebook Redesign & Tab Development
  • Custom Facebook Application Development
  • Social Contest Development
  • Social Media Management
  • Online Display Banners

Website Redesign

Overdrive redesigned the Cold-EEZE website to feature updated visuals and search engine compliant code and copy.

As well, the site featured high-performance landing pages that instantly engaged consumers and sent them down educational paths of cold and flu discovery.


Facebook Redesign

Overdrive developed a new Facebook page with customized tabs featuring an informative video and product information.

Purchase and share features were prominently incorporated into the tabs to entice purchases, encourage social sharing and to stimulate community growth.


Social Contest Development

Overdrive developed a Facebook promotion that featured a wellness getaway with new winners every day.

As a core part of the registration process, users were invited to share their activities with their friends and followers. They were also invited to directly purchase the Cold-EEZE product.


Customized Facebook App

An interactive application, called “The Doctor Is In,” was developed on the Cold-EEZE Facebook page, which allowed followers to directly ask renown doctor and mom, Dr. Yael Halaas, questions about their health.

News of the application as well as an accompanying video was picked up by several renown websites such as,, and, as well as dozens of leading blogs targeting moms and family health.


Ten Tips: Content & Infographic Social Program

Overdrive developed a useful and valuable guide to shortening your cold. This simple PDF was available for download on the site and made a great offer for social posts and advertising calls to action.

The tips were hosted on a data capture landing page that drove opt-in email and social sharing.


Social Media Management

Overdrive managed all facets of Cold-EEZE Social Media including content development, posting and moderation. The entire program was managed and measured by the SocialEye platform.


Online Media: Display Banners

Overdrive launched and managed an online display retargeting program that stayed with consumers when they were researching cold and flu remedies.


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