Paid Search Management Service

Put Your Brand in The Bull’s Eye

No brand can exist now without making sure its presence is not placed squarely in the bull’s eye of the critical moment. The critical moment is where targeting and timing intersect. It’s the place and time where consumers are actively seeking information on the things that you sell! It’s the place and time when consumers’ minds and emotions are the most open to hear about your brand, ideas and offers!


Cracking the Paid Search Management Success Code

The Paid Search Success Code is the right combination of keywords, ad copy, targeting options, landing page creative, offers, tracking technology and reporting methodology. We’ve helped some of the world’s leading brands crack the code, and it’s paid off for them with clicks, conversions, and revenue.

Components of a Successful Paid Search Campaign

While selecting the right keywords and surgically managing Paid Search bid levels based on conversion rates is a huge part of a program’s performance, those factors are not the only components in a search program that determine success. A paid search program’s success can be equally or more dependent on the competitiveness of your keyword ad copy and the landing page destination of your clicks. Changing bids and keywords only helps your paid search campaign so much unless your site and destination landing pages are also being tested, tracked and optimized.

Paid Search/Paid Search Management Partner

Our paid search management team has the experience, expertise, technology and methodology to help your company discover what combination of keywords, ads, bid levels, targeting selects and landing page creative will produce the highest ROI for your online marketing program.

End-to-End Paid Search Optimization

Our Paid Search managers model and optimize every step in the pay per click program by testing, tracking and analyzing all the components that contribute to the program’s success. Our focus goes well beyond simple keyword selection, bidding and tracking. We create all the components needed to deploy a profitable paid search program and analyze the whole path to success. From search behavior and impressions, to landing page optimizations and online conversions, to post conversion actions and ROI – we cover it all.

Lead Generation and Conversion Source – Tracking and Labeling

Our post-conversion lead generation analysis, facilitated by our proprietary patent-pending Lead Generation Source Labeling technology, allows us to optimize paid search lead quality and quantity. Lead Source Labeling technology is critical because at the end of the day the main success metric for our programs is not cost per lead but sales and return on investment.

Put Overdrive to Work for Your Company

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