Drive Website Traffic
with Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing, online media, and social media are commonly regarded as the major components of internet marketing. To achieve genuine online success, however, it’s important to view search, display, and social as parts of a broader process that culminates in sales and revenue. To help marketers see the big picture, at Overdrive Interactive we came up with the concept of “Drive -> Capture -> Convert -> Optimize”, or DCCO. DCCO illustrates the entire conversion path from impression to sale:
Drive Capture Convert Optimize
Achieving bottom-line success requires that each phase in the process be executed well. Let’s take a closer look at each phase, starting with search engine marketing as an example of how to Drive traffic to your site.

Is Your Search Engine Marketing Driving Traffic as Well as It Could?

In the Drive stage of DCCO, marketers try to drive traffic to a company website (or call center or store front). Search engine marketing (SEM) can be a very powerful traffic driver, but as with other DCCO components, design and execution are key.
At Overdrive, we’ve run highly successful search engine marketing programs for some of the world’s most prominent companies including IBM, Dow Jones, and Harley Davidson. Here are just a few of the tactics we recommend to get the most traffic-driving value from an SEM program:

  • Treat paid search and search engine optimization (SEO) as complements, not as one versus the other. For example, even when you’ve nailed the SEO for certain terms and rank atop the organic listings, by targeting the same terms for paid search you can further dominate the results page real estate and gain more precise control over the listing messaging that searchers see.
  • In choosing target keywords, remember it’s not just “who” and “what”, but “when”. Well-planned search engine marketing advertises your product at the critical moments when consumers want or need it. For instance, if your product is life insurance, be sure to target search terms that have to do with wedding planning or having a baby.
  • Coordinate your paid search program with your offline promotions. Think about what keywords people might search on after encountering your promotions, and target those keywords with paid search.
  • Make sure all of your social media content is optimized for SEO. With social media having an ever-larger impact on natural search listings, there’s real value in working with a full-service online marketing firm, so that your social media marketing agency is also your search engine marketing agency.

Download Overdrive’s free Search Marketing Map, an infographic guide to SEM sites and tools.

Search Engine Marketing Drives Traffic. What’s Next?

Once you’ve driven traffic to your site with SEM, online media, and social, the essential next stage is Capture. Learn more about Overdrive’s Lead Generation services, including Lead Capture and Quality Optimization.

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