Branding Campaign


Boston Beer needed assistance in bringing their newest and most exciting brands to life: 26.2, their “Marathon Beer” – and – their low calorie, low sugar crafted hard tea, Wild Leaf. They tasked Overdrive with coming up with brand activation platform and promotional ideas that utilize the platform to drive awareness and ultimately…sales.

  • Paid Media Management
  • Programmatic Display
  • Campaign Messaging, Design, and Strategy
  • Paid Advertising Creative
  • Social Ad Creative

26.2 Campaign One: Finish Strong

As 26.2 is a hydrating beer, ideal for fueling up after a workout. The first campaign highlighted this benefit with the statement “Finish Strong” with visuals bringing in marathon elements interacting with the beer to further cement the connection. Utilizing fitness apps, the ads worked to be educational, informing the audience of the unique hydrating aspects of the beer.

26.2 Campaign Two: You’ve Earned It

This messaging structure and design was meant to expand the audience pool of drinkers to beyond the marathon runner. Many who enjoy group work-out activities or sports, also socially drink after the activity has concluded. If you’re going to drink, it’s better to drink a beer that refuels and hydrates after sweating. With geo-targeting, ads could be targeted on phones of those visiting both gyms or fitness centers and bars or liquor stores.

“That Marathon Moment” Marathon Sweepstake

Focusing in on their primary audience, Boston Beer would sponsor marathon runners bibs by making them ambassadors for the brand. As 26.2 was originally the beer of the Boston Marathon it was selected as one of the marathons, alongside the Chicago Marathon in order to expand the beer into a new market.

Wild Leaf Campaign Messaging: Drink What You Are

Made with tea leaves drawn from the actual Rain Forest – the messaging here needed to reflect a more sophisticated, lower calorie, low sugar hard tea with an exclusivity defined market of environmentally conscious individuals focused on health and clean eating.

Wild Leaf Yoga Retreat Sweepstakes

To drive brand awareness and further emphasize the health aspect of this drink, a sweepstakes was proposed to a Yoga retreat in Costa Rica – which would be featured prominently on the Wild Leaf homepage.

Paid Social Ads

Paid Instagram and Facebook ads were created with the intent on leveraging audience targeting pools of those who identified themselves on social in the ideal target interests for both products.

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