Branding Campaign


Carewell came to Overdrive to increase their patient volume across all centers and to educate the public on when to use urgent care vs. the ER or primary care, and then positioning CareWell as their go-to urgent care provider.

  • Paid Search Management
  • Remarketing Display
  • White Hat Search Engine Optimization
  • Landing Design Development
  • Conversion Path Optimization
  • Banner Creative

Display Ads

In order to stand out in the space, Overdrive developed a series of concepts focused on punchy, powerful lines that complemented seasonal urgent care drivers, like flu shots and physicals, and more long-tail campaigns that were more educational in nature.

More Display Ads

Using a variety of lines and designs featuring different audience segments, Overdrive launched the seasonal banners across different audience touch points and online properties.


In addition to traditional GDN banners, Overdrive deployed geo-targeted Digital-Out-of-Home ads that appeared on billboards, office buildings, elevators, gas station pumps and more.

Banner Placement

Banners were featured on highly visited medical websites, such as WebMD, so that users could be targeted with ads as they searched their symptoms.

Direct Mail

Direct Mail pieces were developed with locations to the closet center in order to widen the audience pool to age groups more apt to interacting with print.


Expanding past just digital, posters and printed materials were prepared for deployment in high traffic areas.


All digital ads were created with the intent of appearing in larger placements such as billboards as well.

Social Media

Overdrive crafted a series of social ads to increase awareness of CareWell as a better alternative to a trip to the ER, populating the audience’s feed with different messaging structures and creative.

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