Customer Journey


TraceLink came to Overdrive for an ABM campaign to launch their new network-based incident tracking and process management solution, Agile Process Teams (APT), for pharma supply chains that built awareness and targeted very specific titles and intenders who have the ability to buy.

  • Customer Journey Mapping and Strategy 
  • Account-Based Marketing 
  • Media Planning and Management   
  • Paid Search Management (SEM)  
  • Paid Social Management
  • Email Nurture Development 
  • Landing Page Development
  • Banner and Social Creative
  • Whitehat SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Unified Dashboard & Analytics

ABM Customer Journey Mapping

Overdrive planned and wireframed TraceLink’s end-to-end customer journey from the first ad impression to the last email, and built all its required components in one shot.

End-to-End Media Management

Overdrive developed a comprehensive media plan that identified high-value site direct media properties and a programmatic approach. This ensured TraceLink’s presence around key content based on user intent.

Content Audit

Existing content was evaluated, renamed to entice audience members, and mapped to a customer journey that not only educated the audience with high-value content but led them down the sales funnel with a mix of content and contact offers.


Overdrive developed a series of banners around TraceLink’s content for Agile Process Teams and deployed them across high-value online properties.

Social Ads

Overdrive expanded TraceLink’s reach into prospects’ LinkedIn feed, raising brand awareness for TraceLink in the pharma supply chain space to their target accounts, market personas, and lookalike audiences.

Nurture Emails

A template was created and emails were designed to further nurture prospects and entice them into downloading the next asset in the journey.

Landing Page Development

A series of landing pages were created and developed for the assets in the journey. This allowed TraceLink to capture and nurture prospects along the journey with multiple touchpoints on the Thank You pages that led to the Demo landing page for Agile Process Teams.

Dashboard and Analysis

Overdrive created custom dashboards to ensure accurate tracking and segmentation of data in order to facilitate maximum insight into the integrated campaign.

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First three months of campaign yielded the below result.








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