Account-Based Marketing (ABM)

Overdrive puts the “Marketing” in ABM

At Overdrive, we enable results-oriented companies to launch steady-state ABM programs that keep their brands, offers and products in front of the right audiences. You know, instead of wasting impressions, clicks and effort on people who will not, and cannot, ever buy what you sell.

Account-Based Marketing 4 Steps

Components of a Successful ABM Campaign

Segmented Target List Development & Plan of Attack – A target list of contacts who can make or influence buying decisions related to your product and a plan for nurture track development.

Targeted Reach & Frequency – A steady-state media campaign that keeps your ads, offers and brand in front of a highly-targeted audience of ABM contacts.

Effective Engagement & Escalation – Highly persuasive email and content, relevant website experiences, target account engagement, timely sales efforts and lead escalation.

Measurable ROI & Ongoing Improvement – Visibility and ROI reporting that tracks engagement levels and sales from the companies that matter most to your organization.

What We Provide:

Target Audience and Nurture Track Development

To create a segmented ABM universe of companies and customers that can actually buy what you sell, we perform first and secondary research through stakeholder interviews, Salesforce and house lists, ZoomInfo and other syndicated data, as well as other secondary sources. We also use that information to make sure that the nurture track for your customer is on point based on your company targets, key decision makers and customer buying cycle.

Media Planning & Buying – An Always-On Approach

The key to successful ABM is to stay in front of your prospective customers at all times. This is why we deploy an Always-On approach using the following methodologies:
ABM Always-On Approach

Nurture and Marketing Automation

ABM is not just about reach, but engagement. You want to be sure that you have the most relevant content at the right time to deliver to your universe of prospects. Overdrive works with your marketing and sales teams to make sure that we are placing high-value content at every stage of the business funnel.

Measurement and Optimization

Measurement and Optimization of your campaigns is at the core of what we do as It allows us and our clients to “close the loop” and see the results of their campaigns from the first impression, through the sales processes all the way to revenue. It also enables optimization to focus on lead and traffic quality rather than cost. Because, after all, cheap leads are not always good leads!

ABM Measurement Optimization

ABM Partners

ABM Partners

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