Account Based Marketing (ABM)

Overdrive puts the “Marketing” in ABM

Overdrive builds a universe of decision-makers and their buying tribes, in the industry sectors you want to reach, and nurture them into marketing quality leads.

Components of a Successful ABM Campaign

Account Based Marketing

Segmented Target List Development & Plan of Attack – A target list of contacts who can make or influence buying decisions related to your product and a plan for nurture track development.

Targeted Reach & Frequency – A steady-state media campaign that keeps your ads, offers and brand in front of a highly-targeted audience of ABM contacts.

Effective Engagement & Escalation – Highly persuasive email and content, relevant website experiences, target account engagement, timely sales efforts and lead escalation.

Measurable ROI & Ongoing Improvement – Understand what is driving your leads and how to optimize your business pipeline.

Find Out More Information About Our ABM Programs

Want to know more about our ABM methodology and technology? Click here or call our Boston office at 617-254-5000 to set up an ABM capabilities presentation. We’ll show real life examples of how our Account Based Marketing tactics have resulted in success for our clients.

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