Integrated Digital Marketing


Specializing in log data observability, Coralogix first leveraged Overdrive to put together a nurture campaign to support paid search efforts. Since the initial campaign creation, Overdrive has also designed and developed additional campaigns for events and new asset launches.

  • Campaign Strategy and Messaging
  • User Experience
  • User Interface
  • Account-Based Marketing
  • Display Banner Creative
  • Paid Social Media Design and Management
  • Landing Page Development
  • Conversion Path Optimization
  • Event Promotion

Customer Journey Mapping

Overdrive planned and wireframed Coralogix’s end-to-end customer journey from the first ad impression to the last email, and built all its required components in one shot.

End-to-End Media Management

Overdrive developed a comprehensive media plan that identified high-value site direct media properties and a programmatic approach. This ensured Coralogix’s presence around key content based on user intent.

Account Based Marketing: Four Steps to Success

Overdrive implemented an enterprise-scale ABM program, utilizing its four steps to success program:

  1. Define your target audience.
  2. Reach your target audience.
  3. Nurture your target audience with display and email.
  4. Measure leads, opportunities, and pipeline influence.
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Asset Creation

Overdrive designed assets to support the entirety of Coralogix’s sales funnel, with different covers to A/B test in market.

Paid Search

Overdrive launched a comprehensive paid search program, coupled with the design and development of conversion-optimized paid search landing pages, which resulted in significantly increased conversion rates and ROI. In preparation, Overdrive assessed the following:

  • Previous program history
  • High-value keywords
  • Ad text optimization
  • Program history tracking

Integrated Campaign

High-performing assets were selected and laid out into a nurture journey that included engaging banners deployed across high-value online properties that the target audience occupied to drive action. This campaign expanded across paid social, along with nurture emails designed to entice prospects leading to landing pages that spoke to prospects across the sales funnel.

Ongoing Asset Promotion

Finally, Overdrive created sets of landing pages, emails, social promotion, and digital banners to promote assets as they are developed and launched.

Gartner Report

Different banners and paid social ads were created and tested to promote a Gartner asset that would be valuable to those looking for an observability platform. The ads advertised a free swag item for those who took the extra step to schedule a demo.

Kubernetes A/B Campaign

Identified as their highest performing asset, several ad designs were created and tested to promote their Kubernetes 101 guide to their audience on paid social.

SaaS Observability Guide

In an effort to quickly test and determine the best-performing ads, multiple messaging structures, offers, and designs were created for Google and paid social to promote a top funnel asset.

Case Study Creative

Lower funnel assets like case studies were further supported through both static and animated GDN banners and paid social ads which were tested against each other on the platforms.

Event Promotion: Digital Marketing

A series of LinkedIn paid ads, organic animated social posts, emails, and landing pages were created to motivate sign-ups for Coralogix events like streaming demos and in-person events like the AWS summit.

Event Promotion: Booth Creation

Overdrive created promotional booth designs for different events that Coralogix was attending. These booths needed to accommodate messaging for the specific event, as well as any physical elements such as podiums or doors that were part of the display.

Dashboard and Analysis

Overdrive created custom dashboards to ensure accurate tracking and segmentation of data in order to facilitate maximum insight into the integrated campaign.

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