Integrated Digital Marketing


First Midwest Bank came to Overdrive to help them deploy integrated digital marketing campaigns to drive qualified lead generation for their Consumer Loan products, MSB services, Small Business segment, and Consumer Checking offerings.

  • Customer Journey Development
  • Product Specific Campaign Development
  • Media Planning and Management
  • Paid Search Marketing (SEM)
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Ad Creative Development
  • Landing Page Development
  • Nurture Email Development
  • Dashboard and Analytics

Multiple Customer Journeys Mapping

Overdrive planned and wireframed First Midwest’s multiple end-to-end customer journey from the first ad impression to the last email, and built all its required components in one shot.

Media Planning and Management

Overdrive developed a comprehensive media plan that identified high-value site direct media properties as well as a programmatic approach. This ensured First Midwest’s presence around key content as well as based on user intent.

Better Borrowing Campaign

Overdrive unified the Consumer Loan product offerings under the campaign concept of experiencing “Better Borrowing” through First Midwest Bank. The Better Borrowing moniker was used across display banner creative, landing pages, and emails to build up brand recognition while also driving RFIs, and ultimately, applications.

Better Borrowing Banner Campaign

Display banners were designed to launch on multiple networks, using geolocation targeting and interest pools that aligned with the different product offerings. The campaigns were continuously monitored and optimized in order to set benchmarks moving forward.

Better Borrowing Campaign: Social Media Marketing

Reach was extended for the campaign with the creation of social media ads that were displayed in the target audience’s newsfeed.

Better Borrowing Campaign: Landing Page Development

A series of landing pages were developed to elicit the desired action from the target audience. Landing page designs were refreshed in secondary campaigns to A/B test design and messaging structures.

Better Borrowing Campaign: Email Creation

Overdrive refreshed FMB’s follow-up emails to align with the branding of the new campaign, ensuring that they were both helpful and persuasive to the target audience.

Paid Search Management

Ads were created to generate as many application “form fills” as possible at the lowest possible cost. Ads followed paid search best practices, including:

  • Multiple conversion points (phone numbers and site links)
  • Clear benefit/offer statements
  • Multiple ad extensions (callouts, site links)

Remarketing Display

As ads were refreshed and campaigns were optimized, digital display was utilized in remarketing efforts for those who visited the page or abandoned the form.

Company Merger LinkedIn Conversation Ads

Highly personalized conversation ads were developed to support First Midwest’s merger with Old National Bank. These LinkedIn Messaging ads engaged prospects through direct messaging to drive RFIs.

MSB Campaign

As one of the few banks that offer Money Services Businesses (MSB) services, First Midwest wanted to expand its footprint by testing a digital campaign to drive leads against its traditional method of direct mail outreach. Overdrive developed digital display, LinkedIn display, and Conversation ads to support paid digital efforts.

Consumer Checking Campaign

To support First Midwest’s efforts to grow their Checking clients, Overdrive developed digital display ads and social media ads that drove to a dedicated landing page. Messaging was added to the Consumer Loans emails which also enticed the audience to visit this page. Finally, audience remarketing via display media was developed to target those who visited the page or abandoned the form within a selected consideration window.

Small Business Promotional Campaign

Overdrive developed and implemented a six-week digital campaign with programmatic, paid search, and paid social components to support awareness and drive business account opening adoption for FMB’s Small Business product sector.

Dashboard and Analysis

Overdrive created custom dashboards to ensure accurate tracking and segmentation of data in order to facilitate maximum insight into the integrated campaign.

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