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Are Your Ads Pre-Approved by Facebook?

In an attempt to maintain a better grasp on the content that its’ users are being exposed to, Facebook has announce new rules for developers who are advertising within applications on the site. They have announced that only those third-party networks that have been pre-approved will be able to monetize their applications with ads going forward.Currently, only 14 providers have been approved by agreeing to Facebook’s Platform Terms for Advertising Providers. Until other companies can agree to these terms, they will be prohibited from presenting ads within applications. Although it is unsure when these rules will be enforced, Facebook has stated that current networks must agree to the terms before continuing their ads.

Due to criticism about user privacy within Facebook, these new rules appear to be their way of handling the data that is shared between the site and third-party networks. As part of the new rules, the site now directly prohibits the transfer of user data between applications.

While Facebook is buckling down on its advertising efforts, it can keep tabs on the content shared within its site and ultimately provide a better user experience. The social networking site doesn’t mention how long the process is to become pre-approved, but if you want to break into this social community you better abide by the rules.

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