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Blogs & Twitter; An Online 1-2 Punch

Lately I have been feeling a bit overwhelmed with the number of blog posts, Twitter Tweets, Yammers, Facebook status updates, and a half dozen other online social networking devices. If you’re not lost in the jargon yet, then you probably have an idea of what I’m referring to.

However, today I stumbled across a perfect example of how a company’s blog and their Twitter feed can interact.

As some of you know, today is Cyber Monday. In a nutshell, it’s Black Friday for online shopping.
Today on Sony’s US Blog, the post directs readers to their Twitter feed and instructs them to post any deals for Sony products they come across.

In addition to indirectly boosting their sales, Sony is creating a cohesive link between their blog and their Twitter feed. This will help to increase user activity on their site help to establish Sony’s blog as a daily destination for users.

Try a search on Twitter for “Cyber Monday”, and you will find that users have been posting links to deals all day. Sony was able to capture this and use people’s own bargain-hunting abilities to better serve their site and their user base.

Aside from geeking out about all this online functionality (this is our passion after all) the real take-away here is to show how companies can directly interact with their customer base online.

This type of online interaction is precisely how savvy companies can use social media to their advantage. Here at Overdrive we have our own Twitter feed and have designed blogs and other social media outlets for clients such as Harley-Davidson, all of which have been met with great success.

For more information on how Overdrive can help you establish your social media presence, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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