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Did Your Klout Score Take a Nose Dive?

A few socially-inclined users may have noticed somewhat of an unsatisfactory change to their Klout score today. Best knows as a user’s social score, this number signifies the online influence of each user based on their network, amplification and true reach.  For many, today was a sad day as Klout scores dropped significantly.

As this may seem somewhat depressing for the user, it shows Klout has its focus on taking things to the next level. Their changes to the algorithm has several improvements to the overall score for each user. Taking into consideration the user’s ability to create content and generate conversation throughout the web, the social score has become more exact than ever before.

What comes along with the adjustment to the algorithm, are several improvements to the platform. For one, Klout took a broader range of key influence signals over a larger population. In addition, the platform as adjusted their data sources to enrich and re-engineer the collection of data. In order to provide higher quality scoring, new influence inputs along with their importance helps better understand the user and their ability to better influence their personal network.

Although this change may create a sense of personal discouragement, all hope is not lost. The Klout algorithm change has simply just opened our eyes to our influential ability. Once diving deeper into the Klout site to further understand where our scores dropped off, we can see the weaker points in our social score and how we can improve our online presence. So before anyone considers this the end of the world, take a deep breath: its just a new challenge we are faced to generate even better content within our network.

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