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Making Computer Science “Cool”

Current trends among young people tend to come and go. While most trends we see today rely on programming and other aspects of computer science, this is largely overlooked by the younger generation as well as our education system.

Surprisingly, there is an extreme shortage of computer science graduates today, which has been on a steady decline over the last ten years. A non-profit group called Code.org recognizes this, and is attempting collect a database of programming classes that are offered via web, tablet and mobile devices. On top of this, they have created an easy way of registering schools around the country so that people (young and old) have the ability to find nearby education centers that offer computer science classes. Ultimately, Code.org is attempting to introduce computer science into the core curriculum of education in schools as well as educate the general public about the lack of computer science courses out there.


The reality is that more and more computer science jobs around the world are being added every year, and there are not nearly enough positions being filled. While there is no lack of free resources on the web, the integration of computer science into our classrooms is important for the future of this industry (and others) as the digital world continues to grow. Expanding the realm of computer science further into primary and secondary education will create a higher amount of knowledge and innovation in relative fields during higher education as well as an increase in job opportunities for those who cannot immediately attain a higher education.

Code.org is currently working on creating a documentary film geared towards the younger generation depicting programmers in a newer light, one that does not fall into the stereotype that studying computer science is just for “losers” and “geeks”. The aspect of making programming “cool” is essential to the ultimate goal of the foundation, as trends are so closely followed by todays younger generation.

It is apparent that this is a well thought-out initiative and is backed by many prominent members of the tech/online/computer world. Upon entering the Code.org site, one is met with this quote:

“I think everybody in this country should learn how to program a computer — because it teaches you how to think.”


The site itself is simple, easy to navigate and extremely informative. I look forward to seeing the movie.

Here is the NYT article I found as well as the website of the foundation.

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