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New FlickSquare Service Sends Foursquare Photos Directly to Flickr

With the continued growth of social media and the attraction of its instant communication, users are constantly trying to figure out the fastest and easiest way to complete their tasks. Luckily with FlickSquare, photo-sharing just got even easier. This new service makes it possible for users to share their check-in photos from Foursquare instantly to Flickr.

Users have recently been able to upload photos in Foursquare when they check-in at a specific location. Now having this ability available, photo-sharing has gone viral – and FlickSquare stepped right in to continue the success. When photos are taken in Foursquare, this new service instantly shares them within Flickr as well. Additionally, FlickSquare shares even more information about each photo such as the location of the venue, as well as a link to that user’s Foursquare check-in.

Within FlickSquare, users can track their photos and keep tabs on which of their photos are being shared through this service. Also, users have the option to turn this service off if they no longer wish to receive these notifications.

As users continue to upload their check-in photos, they can now share them with both Foursquare and Flickr instantly. Yet again, social media just got even easier. Just one simple step, and FlickSquare takes care of the rest.

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