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SlideShare Evolves into Virtual Online Meetings with Zipcast

As the world’s largest community for sharing presentations, the 45 million users that visit SlideShare every month enjoy powerpoints, PDFs, and documents between professionals and educators. With the launch of its newest service, Zipcast, the site now also provides videos and webinars.

Although virtual meetings are nothing new in this day and age, Zipcast brings its faster and quicker features to the industry. By utilizing HTML5, users can avoid downloading a plug-in to use the service – all it takes a separate tab within the browser.

The features provided with Zipcast make it easier for pitches, presentations and remote talk. Between the slides themselves, a one-way video of the meeting host, a conference call line to provide audio, and a window for text chat, most users have everything they are looking for. Additionally, users have the ability to skip through on their own, should they be bored throughout the presentation.

One of its simplest features is the ease of sharing these meetings. While other services require a login, or meeting organizer to send along the required steps, Zipcast provides a straight-forward link that can be shared between an endless number of users – ultimately increasing the audience and the traffic to the presentation. Another way to increase traffic and add a social twist, the Zipcast website offers a streaming list of current meetings that can easily be viewed and shared, while giving users the option to post to their social channels which presentations they are currently viewing.

While these meetings can be public or private, SlideShare members have a low-cost monthly fee to have password-protected meetings, along with analytics and the option to remove ads.

As the millions of SlideShare users begin to utilize the new upgrades with Zipcast, a major increase in traffic to the community sharing site is anticipated. While online meetings push the threshold on a virtual community, we can only assume what the future of online has in store for us.

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