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Overdrive Interactive Launches 2013 Social Media Map

Are you interested in learning more about different social media channels? Overdrive Interactive has recently launched the latest Social Media Map. The map is available on our Facebook page or at; Download the PDF because it has over 254 active URL’s to sites, apps and tools.

Social Media Map 2013

The new map has significant updates and revisions for 2013. The social media world is always evolving, meaning that platforms which were once “the next big thing” such as: Apple’s Ping or Google’s Wave are in the past. New sites that are more useful have recently been added.

The map also features changes in the category level, such as: social commerce, social recruiting and enterprise social. These are just a few examples of some big additions to the map. We have also included new categories that have grown to the point where each get its own category.

Overall, social media continues to rapidly expand and morph which attracts larger audiences but also accommodates niche needs. Some sites, like Pinterest and Snapchat, won audiences and captured our attention seemingly overnight. These sites filled a void nobody knew existed.

Now the question is what other hidden voids remain to be filled? In the meantime check out the 2013 Social Media Map and share it with your friends.

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