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Social Media Use on Mobile Devices Provides Opportunity for Marketers

One of the fastest-growing mobile Internet activities, social networking, proves to have great impact on mobile Internet usage.

There will be an estimated 141.1 million mobile social network users worldwide by the end of 2009. That number is expected to skyrocket by 2014 to approximately 760.1 million, almost half of the mobile Internet user population.

According to a July 2009 report, Facebook is the top social network website users access on mobile Internet, with a 6.1% reach. MySpace, YouTube and Twitter take the second, third and fourth spots, respectively.

Though the mobile and social media channels are still emerging, causing premature estimates, the impressive numbers and promising user base open up developing opportunities for marketers. Some marketers have prepared to incorporate these channels into their marketing mix strategies, although programs are small and in experimental stages.

Source: eMarketer; November 12, 2009

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