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Your Social Stream Through a Professional Lens

In September, access to the beta product, LinkedIn Signal was released to limited LinkedIn users.  Now this product is available to most of the professional users on LinkedIn. With LinkedIn Signal, you can get pertinent and timely insights on what people are sharing and tweeting among your professional network.

LinkedIn signal

On your LinkedIn homepage lives all the updates from your professional network. With this beta product you can now search your entire network for a particular keyword.  Not only can you see what individuals are sharing but you can also see their professional information as well.  Giving users the ability to see their social stream through a “professional lens.”

LinkedIn Signal allows you to see what individuals in your networks professional information

Quick Access to Professional Network

LinkedIn Signal a new way to search on LinkedIn

Additionally, you can narrow your search down by network, company, industry or time.  With the ability to save your searches, Signal lets you create an even more personalized view of the LinkedIn stream that you can check into every day. You can go back to it quickly by simply accessing all your followed searches on the top left rail.

LinkedIn Signal search and filter

LinkedIn Signal save for late

LinkedIn Signal

You can also see what top updates are being shared in a particular network with the additional feature of ‘Today’s Headlines.’  Here the most talked about articles in your professional network are displayed. When searching for a particular keyword, ‘Today’s Headines’ will display the hottest news stories on that topic, updated to the minute.

With LinkedIn Signal you will have the ability to turn your never ending stream of updates and news into the most relevant professional stream for you.

To start looking at your social stream with a more professional eye visit http://www.linkedin.com/signal/ or learn more by checking out this video.

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