Data Segmentation

Data Segmentation means to divide your customer data into groups based on similar parameters in order to use the data more efficiently for marketing and other operations.

Data Segmentation helps you to:

      1. Analyze your data in greater detail to identify marketing opportunities or data deficiencies.
      2. Create special tailored messaging for each audience target market segment.
      3. Mass-personalize marketing communications, which reduces costs.

Let us work with you to properly segment and classify your data, making ROI easier to calculate, campaigns easier to track, and customers’ data easier to organize. Click to contact us.


Why is data segmentation important?

Data segmentation is important because it allows companies to discover areas of opportunity within their customer database and can help you better explain the benefits of your services to targeted groups.

What does it mean to segment a database?

Database segmenting is when you create individual lists or groups based on a specific set of criteria. One example of segmentation would be if a marketing team created a list of all users who engaged with your organization over the past 3 months.

What are benefits of segmentation?

Data segmentation provides a range of benefits including: fulfilling customer needs more effectively, increased revenue for your organization, increased customer retention, and much more.

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