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Image Search Optimization

Image SEO, or “Image Optimization,” is a part of on-page search engine optimization (SEO) that applies to your site’s image files. The purpose of image SEO is to improve your website’s rankings in Google Images Search and to generally increase your website’s visibility. Images also help the TF*IDF ratio. Image optimization is usually done with Google in mind since Google (with an image count nearing 10 billion) is the largest repository of images in the world. Image optimization involves all parts of an image, including size, file name, alt text (an alternative description that appears when the image cannot be loaded), and website positioning.


To perform Image Search Optimization: 

    • Choose the correct file format.
    • Compress images to make loading times faster. 
    • Produce unique images – avoid stock photos when possible. 
    • Be aware of copyright, and ensure that you have no conflicts.
    • Customize file names with search results in mind. 
    • Write Alt-Text that is SEO-friendly. 
    • Make sure that your images align with Google’s Best Practices Standards. 
    • Create image names that are connected to your website’s page titles. 
    • Make sure that your images are mobile-friendly. 
    • Put your images on your sitemap. (This will be very easy if you use WordPress & Yoast.)

So, before you begin adding images to your website, take a shot at the tips above. If you and your team still need help, our team here at Overdrive can guide and assist with the process. Click to Contact Us.

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