Penalties and Security Assessment

Penalties and security assessments involve checking your website for any penalties imposed by search engines due to non-compliance with their guidelines and assessing the security measures in place to protect your site and user data. This is crucial for maintaining your site’s ranking and trustworthiness. 


Tips for improving Penalties and Security Assessment: 

    1. Regularly check for any penalties using tools like Google Search Console and take corrective actions if necessary. 
    2. Implement strong security measures like SSL encryption and regular software updates to protect your site and user data. 
    3. Ensure your website’s SSL certificate is kept up-to-date and avoid lapses. An intermediate/chain SSL certificate is best. 
    4. Regularly conduct security audits to identify and fix any malware or vulnerabilities, ensuring your site and server remain secure and trustworthy. 
    5. Patch and update your server software, provide secure authentication and communication, and secure all files and directories on a continuous basis. 
    6. Avoid using simple, obvious passwords. Use a password with at least eight characters, including a special character, capital letters, and numbers. 
    7. Don’t use the default “Admin” username for the account. Instead, create a new user with admin privileges. 

Overdrive can help you with routine penalty checks to make sure you are security compliant. Talk to one of Overdrive’s SEO experts. Click to Contact Us.

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