SEO Content Analysis

SEO Content Analysis is the act of comparing content rankings for a particular topic or search phrase. This is also commonly known as “Competitive Content Analysis” because when you conduct this, you are essentially working to measure your competition’s ability against specific KPI (Key Performance Indicators).


There are Three Key elements which go into Content Analysis:

    1. Evaluating Topical Coverage and Expertise: You can begin determining your page’s topic coverage by giving out points for how often a certain topic is mentioned. And if you compare your Content Score against your word count, you can also determine the amount of Expertise that your page has. Pages that have a high Content Score along with an extremely high word count are not examples of well-written material. They are taking too long and not communicating their ideas effectively – and so, you should try and strike a balance between Content Score and length.
    2. Identifying Content Gaps: You can also use Content Analysis to uncover gaps that may exist in topical coverage, whether it be on your page or someone else’s.
      What kinds of keywords are your competitors currently ranking for that you aren’t? Performing Content Analysis is able to grant useful examples of potential keywords that could be extremely valuable – both to your business and your strategy for outmaneuvering your competition. Try to find the keywords you’re using that might be placing you on pages 2-10 on search results, rather than on the first page. These are all great keywords to work on updating and improving, in order to position yourself up closer toward the top of page 1.
    3. Utilizing Google Search Console: By using the Google Search Console, you can identify your keywords and pages that aren’t performing as well as your competitors’, marking a clear list of what content you need to improve.

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