Triggered Event Management

The term “Trigger Marketing” (also known as “Trigger-based Marketing” or “Trigger-campaigns”) is used to designate marketing activities, especially within ecommerce initiatives which have been initiated because of something a customer has done (for instance: abandoning their cart or staying on an item page for longer than normal). You can also make use of triggers in the case of a specific event, like a user’s birthday, for example. The key function of this practice is that messages sent out to the customer in response to the “trigger” are able to remind them to visit your site/app again and usually come bundled along with key offers and calls-to-action, increasing your chances even further that the customer is going to make a purchase or take the desired action.


Types of Trigger Events

    • Checkout Abandonment
    • Basket ProcrastinatorsYou have X items still waiting in your cart, and we just wanted to let you know we are offering free shipping this weekend.”
    • Social Buying Patterns – “People who bought X also loved Y.”
    • Loyalty Triggers
    • Event Triggers – Real-world events that you might sponsor or otherwise have some sort of presence at, such as music festivals, trade shows, sports games or business conferences.
    • Seasonal Triggers
    • Wishlists/Bookmarks
    • Recent Customers – “Welcome back! Great to see you again…”

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